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Free Course on Product Management Case Interviews

Case interviews are an important part of Product Management interview process.

If you are applying for a product management position with any small or big company, most probably you will get a product case problem during or before the interview process starts.

Many companies keep product case problems as a screening process to filter those candidates who have the knack for product management or have the right skills as per company requirement.

Solving a product management case problem can be a daunting task and requires not only experience and skills but a lot of hard work.

That's why we have created this free course to help you prepare for your upcoming product management case interviews confidently.

You will learn the basics of case problem solving and also get lot of free sample cases to solve and discuss with your friends.

Enroll in the course for free now.

Module 1Introduction to Product Management Case Interviews
Unit 1What is a Product Case Problem?
Unit 2How to solve a product management case problem?
Unit 3How does the structure of a good case solution look like?
Module 2Type of Case Interviews
Unit 1Cases related to new product or feature development
Unit 2Cases related to existing product or feature enhancement
Unit 3Cases related to Product Profit or Revenue Metrics
Unit 4Cases related to Customer or User Acquisition Metrics
Unit 5Cases related to user activation metrics
Unit 6Cases related to use engagement or retention metrics
Unit 7Cases related to product virality or referrals metrics
Unit 8Product UI/UX related cases
Unit 9Product market sizing or estimation problem cases
Module 3Tools to use for solving a product case
Unit 1List of tools
Module 4Sample Product Management Job Interview Case Studies
Unit 1Product Management Sample Cases for Practice
Capstone Project Program - Work on a real world project with co-workers.
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