How to do Agile Product Management using Jira

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How to do Agile Product Management using Jira?

Product Managers have to work in Agile teams and follow agile product development process to ensure products are planned, developed, tested and deployed in an agile manner without any ambiguity and maintaining team morale.

In this course we bring you highly curated content from across the web to help you understand the basics of Agile product development and learn the basics of JIRA tool.


Module 1What is Agile?
Unit 1What is Agile?
Unit 2Introduction to Scrum
Unit 3Introduction to Kanban
Module 2Basics of JIRA
Unit 1JIRA and Agile Management
Unit 2Managing Product Development Chaos with Jira and Confluence
Module 3Agile & Product Management
Unit 1Agile Product Ownership
Unit 2Practical Advice for Agile Product Management