Product Management Bootcamp 101 – Cohort 3

Jumpstart your career in product management through a live instructor-led 8-week online Bootcamp.

Program is for

  • Engineering Students
  • MBA Students
  • Graduates
  • Aspiring PM
  • Novice PM
  • Founders
  • Entrepreneurs

What you will get?

  • Invitation to become Product Evangelist with the Author to evangelize Product Management across Asia
  • Lifelong access to free mentorship
  • PM interview mock sessions
  • Networking and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Real world product to showcase in CV

Module 1Bootcamp Cohort 3 - Introduction
Unit 1What is PM Bootcamp?
Unit 2How do I make use of Bootcamp?
Unit 3How to manage job with course work?
Unit 4How to choose project for the Bootcamp?
Unit 5Assignment
Unit 6Resources
Module 2Module 2 - Bootcamp Session 1
Unit 1What is Product Management?
Unit 2Session PPT & Recording
Unit 3What is a product?
Unit 4Why product management is required?
Unit 5Product Management as a career
Unit 6Types of Product Managers
Unit 7Product Manager vs Project Manager
Unit 8Product Management skills
Unit 9A day in the life of PM
Unit 10Assignment
Unit 11Further Reading
Module 3Bootcamp Cohort 3 - Session 2
Unit 1Session PPT & Recording
Unit 2Product Development Lifecycle
Unit 3Lean Product Management
Unit 4Agile Methodology
Unit 5Idea Development Process
Unit 6Further Reading
Unit 7Assignment 3
Module 4Bootcamp 3 - Session 3
Unit 1Session 3 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Competition Analysis
Unit 3Competition Analysis Reading
Unit 4Customer Development Process
Unit 5Customer Interviews
Unit 6User Persona Reading List
Unit 7Assignment 3
Module 5Bootcamp 3 - Session 4
Unit 1Session 4 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Minimum Viable Products
Unit 3Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes
Unit 4Product Roadmap
Unit 5Product Market Fit
Module 6Bootcamp 3 - Session 5
Unit 1Session PPT & Recording
Unit 2Product Metrics
Unit 3Product Requirement Document
Module 7Bootcamp 3 - Session 6
Unit 1Session 6 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Agile Development
Unit 3Working with stakeholders
Module 8Bootcamp 3 - Session 7
Unit 1Session 7 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Google Analytics Tutorial
Unit 3Funnel & Cohort Analysis
Unit 4Feature Prioritization
Unit 5Assignment
Module 9Bootcamp 3 - Session 8
Unit 1Session PPT & Recording