Product Management Bootcamp 101 – Cohort 4

Jumpstart your career in product management through a live instructor-led 8-week online Bootcamp.

Program is for

  • Engineering Students
  • MBA Students
  • Graduates
  • Aspiring PM
  • Novice PM
  • Founders
  • Entrepreneurs

What you will get?

  • Invitation to become Product Evangelist with the Author to evangelize Product Management across Asia
  • Lifelong access to free mentorship
  • PM interview mock sessions
  • Networking and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Real world product to showcase in CV

Module 1Bootcamp Cohort 4 - Introduction
Unit 1What is PM Bootcamp?
Unit 2How do I make use of Bootcamp?
Unit 3How to manage job with course work?
Unit 4How to choose project for the Bootcamp?
Unit 5Assignment
Unit 6Resources
Module 2Bootcamp 4 - Session 1
Unit 1Session PPT & Recording
Unit 2What is Product Management?
Unit 3What is a product?
Unit 4Why product management is required?
Unit 5Product Management as a career
Unit 6Types of Product Managers
Unit 7Product Manager vs Project Manager
Unit 8Product Management skills
Unit 9A day in the life of PM
Unit 10Assignment 2
Unit 11Further Reading
Module 3Bootcamp 4 - Session 2
Unit 1Session 2 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Assignment 3
Unit 3Product Development Lifecycle
Unit 4Lean Product Management
Unit 5Agile Methodology
Unit 6Idea Development Process
Unit 7Further Reading
Module 4Bootcamp 4 - Session 3
Unit 1Session 3 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Competition Analysis
Unit 3Competition Analysis Reading
Unit 4Customer Development Process
Unit 5Customer Interviews
Unit 6User Persona Reading List
Unit 7Assignment 4
Module 5Bootcamp 4 - Session 4
Unit 1Session PPT & Recording
Unit 2Minimum Viable Products
Unit 3Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes
Unit 4Product Roadmap
Unit 5Product Market Fit
Unit 6Assignment 5
Module 6Bootcamp 4 - Session 5
Unit 1Product Metrics
Unit 2Product Requirement Document
Unit 3Session 5 PPT & Recording
Module 7Bootcamp 4 - Session 6
Unit 1Session 6 PPT & Recording
Unit 2Agile Development
Unit 3Working with stakeholders