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Cat60 Designs LLC

Expert Website Design, SEO and Social Marketing

Category: Design Services

City: Lake Worth

Country: United States

About Cat60 Designs LLC

Cat60 Designs is a website design company that builds websites that work. Every website we build is already optimized for search engines. We’re a company that gets our customers involved in their project and we learn everything we need to learn to make thier new site an extention of their business. We use mostly WordPress but can build any type of site. Most of our sites are informational but we do eCommerce and database driven sites as well. 
We started in the IT industry back in 1995 and have built our own websites ever since that time. We have done all inhouse SEO and have developed our socail media skills as well. In 2009 we started actually building sites for our customers. In 2015 we had started the switch to full time website development and in 2017 we are now only building websites. 

Our people are artistic in nature and enjoy creating. So if you’re looking for a company that loves to do what they do, you are at the right place.

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