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About Rebel Hack

Founded in early 2015 by three friends Logan, Duncan, and Anthony, Rebelhack was conceived to help great ideas get above the noise using cutting edge data and analytics modelling mixed with on-demand agile growth marketing strategies and tactics, all available through an easy to use platform. Becoming a valuable component to the growth and success of some of the most innovative businesses around was a core focus from day 1.

We believe the best way to deliver business growth is by getting maximum visibility across marketing, sales and product funnels so that bottlenecks, and therefore growth opportunities, can be identified and addressed quickly with innovative, controlled testing. We provide the tools and high level service to give our partners the visibility they need to understand what their users love, what they hate, and how they behave in and around their product or service.

Through our unique combination of technology and personalised service, Rebelhack provides modular growth services through an integrated platform to drive for growth wherever the opportunity exists.

Our Services

Product Optimisation

Our proprietary tools are able to audit and track deeper than anything available on the market. We audit your site to extract every granular optimisation opportunity and focus on the detail. From meta tags, to URL architecture, to canonicalisation, we quantify and map every action before pushing these through to your development team for implementation.

Performance Marketing

Chose the the metrics you want to move and we design an acquisition strategy to aggressively pursue them. Our approach to acquisition is centered on achieving your growth targets with a relentless focus on testing, iteration, and optimisation. Track your channel data and KPIs in real time through the Rebelhack platform to provide maximum visibility on your business’s performance.


Search is all about the user journey. Rebelhack analyses, identifies, and designs the SEO strategies that deliver. Rebelhack’s SEO toolset provides the deepest keyword and competitor analysis available to understand what you’re competition in search really is.  

Product Gigs

End to end product management from idea to MVP
Make your software team product savvy
Learn to Build a Product Story & Loyal Customers for B2B Products

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