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March 16-22th, 2020
Online Conference


About the Conference

Product lessons learned is a free online conference for product managers, product startups and teams who want to learn from the success and failures of other product managers and experts.

More than 50 experts and teams will showcase their learning through interviews, live demo’s and workshops. You can ask your questions and discuss among the participants from anywhere in the world.


Day 1 - 16th March 2020

10:30 AM IST

Anand Narayanan

CPO @ Simplilearn

What is product management in real life?

1:30 PM IST

Ravindra Govindani

Director, Products @ PayU

Decoding Data Product Management

2:15 PM IST

Nishchal Dua

Founder of The Remote Life

Product Strategy for Virtual Products

4:00 PM IST

Alex Mitchell

CPO @ ICX Media, Inc

The Different Types of Product Managers and How to Build a Winning Team

6:00 PM IST

Greg Prickril

Founder @

PMing Your Career

6:45 PM IST

Roman Pichler

Founder @ Pichler Consulting

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

7:30 PM IST

Venkatraman RM

VP Products, Bounce

Hiring a Rock Star Product Team & Setting up Processes

Day 2 - 17th March 2020

9:00 AM IST

Partho Ghosh

Head of Product at Bananatag

Empowered Product Teams

2:15 PM IST

Rashi Gupta

Co-founder @ Rezo AI

Workshop on building Chatsbots Products

4:00 PM IST

Matt LeMay

Best Selling Author of 'Product Management in Practice


7:30 PM IST

Sumit Bajaj

VP, Product Management @ Revv

1 sprint MVP

Day 3 - 18th March 2020

9:00 AM IST

Gaurav Tandon

Product Head, Transport & Marketplace, Lazada Group

MVPs - Why they are important, how to build (and scale) them and common pitfalls

9:45 AM IST

Gautham Krishnan

Head of Product @ Gameskraft

Product vision and strategy

10:30 AM IST

Sourabh Sharma

Sr. Director, PM @ Droom

Data driven personlisation of products

1:30 PM IST

Malte Scholz

CEO @ Airfocus

Customer Development & Launching MVP's Fast

2:15 PM IST

Amit Nigam

VP, Products @ redBus

Learning from the Failures & Maintaining Long Term Focus

4:00 PM IST

Marc Abraham

Product Head @


6:00 PM IST

Aditya Ramakrishnan

Director of Products @ E2open

Identifying & Preventing Customer Churn

6:45 PM IST

Valerio Zanini

CEO & Product Trainer @ 5D Vision

Stories of Customer focus and rapid MVP launch

7:30 PM IST

Tim Herbig

Product Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author

Putting Outcomes into Practice: Connecting Features to What Really Matters

Day 4 - 19th March 2020

9:00 AM IST

Vinit Agrawal

Founder @ Tars

Setting up Right Success Metrics & Taking Data Driven Decisions

10:30 AM IST

Sophia Solanki

Co-founder/Director - Product & Growth @

How to Quickly and Successfully Launch an MVP and Find Your first Users (For Bootstrapped or Early Stage StartUps)

1:30 PM IST

Timo Wagenblatt

Product Head, SAP S/4HANA

Strengthening Corporate Product Mindset with Holistic Product Management (and PYPR)

2:15 PM IST

Sherif M Ali

Founder & CEO @ Funnelll

Building and Running a Rock Star Remote-first Product Team at Funnelll

4:00 PM IST

Valerie Fenske

Product Marketer @ Dashly

An Ultimate Guide to Hallway Usability Testings

6:00 PM IST

Valentin Huang

Founder @

How to build a state-of-the-art customer feedback loop?

6:45 PM IST

Malthi SS

VP, Products @ Societe Generale

Building Deep Customer Empathy Remotely

7:30 PM IST

Prateek Gupte

VP, Products @ Haptik

Haptik’s Pivot from a B2C AI assistant to a global B2B enterprise company

Day 5 - 20th March 2020

10:30 AM IST

Pradeep Singh

Group PM @ Flipkart

The Power of Understanding your Customers

1:30 PM IST

Naveen Athresh

Associate Director, Product @ Rakuten

Setting up Right Success Metrics & Taking Data Driven Decisions

2:15 PM IST

Linh Ta

COO of Workevo, Vietnam

Customer Development & Launching MVP's Fast

4:00 PM IST

David Fradin

President, Spice Catalyst

Building Insanely Great Products

6:00 PM IST

Volkan Kaya

Co-founder @ Versoly

Maximise your MVP landing page conversions

6:45 PM IST

Kunal Bhardwaj

Head of Product & Content (Education) @ Dailyhunt

Product & its Positioning in the EdTech industry

7:30 PM IST

Neeraj Sharma

Associate Director, Product @ Harappa Education

Maintaining Long Term Focus: How to prioritise and make product decisions

Day 6 - 21st March 2020

9:00 AM IST

Agastee Khante

Head, Product & Marketing @ The Quint

Product Management for Digital Publishers

9:45 AM IST

Varchas Subrahmanya

Director, Products and Strategy at Soroco

Roadmap parallelisms - tools to improve product roadmapping

10:30 AM IST

Snehal Patel

Director of Product @ BrowserStack

What is the evolving role of product manager and how do you put it into practice in your day to day work?

1:30 PM IST

Andy McFarlane

Senior PM @ SeekAsia

Hiring a Rock Star Product Team & Setting up Processes

2:15 PM IST

Diwakar Kaushik

Operating Partner, GoVentures (GoJek)

How to use OKRs for prioritisation and alignment

4:00 PM IST

Ash Maurya

Author, creator of Lean Canvas, and founder of LEANSTACK

Love The Problem: How to systematically uncover problems worth solving

6:45 PM IST

Divakar Gupta

Global Product Management @ Expedia Group

Hiring Rockstar Product Managers

7:30 PM IST

Sarit Guha Thakurta

Founder @ Waking Morpheus

Go to Market (GTM) Strategy

Day 7 - 22nd March 2020

9:45 AM IST

Natalia Mackowiak

Co-founder & CEO @ Chayn

Customer Development & Launching MVP's Fast

10:30 AM IST

Aditya Ghosh

AVP Product & Growth @ PlanetSpark

A/B Testing: Replacing Intuition with Certainty

1:30 PM IST

Karthik Vaidyanath

Director of Product @ Indeed

Learning from the Failures & Maintaining Long Term Focus

2:15 PM IST

Karthick Viswanathan

VP Products @

Understanding SaaS Product Management

4:00 PM IST

Kevin Brennan

Author of Mastering Product Management: A Step-By-Step Guide

Hiring Rock Star Product Managers

6:00 PM IST

Prashant Mahajan

Senior Product Manager @ Branch

How to make data science product at scale

What you will learn?

Right Tools for Product Management

Managing Remote Product & Technology Teams

Hiring a Rock Star Product Team & Setting up Processes

Setting up Right Success Metrics & Taking Data Driven Decisions

Customer Development & Launching MVP's Fast

Learning from the Failures & Maintaining Long Term Focus

Who can attend the conference?


Product Managers, Aspiring PM's, Product Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Solopreneurs


Startups, Agencies, Corporates, Product Teams, Marketing Teams, Technology Teams, Investors and Media


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