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ProductHood is a community for Dreamers, Hustlers & Makers who love building products.

Community led learning.  Focus on action.   Shared accountability.    10X growth.

A great product is a collective effort of people from different background and experience. We love to call them makers. You can be a product manager, technologist, marketer or data geek. Irrespective of your designation, you are a maker.

ProductHood is a community for makers who love to learn, share and grow as a community.

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Why ProductHood?

Building a product is a team effort that requires multiple hard and soft skills. You can not learn these skills alone. Product companies around the world need people who know the nuances of building product and are fun to work with. 

All these things can not be taught in few days in a self paced learning environment. You need to work with experts, exchange ideas with colleagues, learn, unlearn and most important things is to actually build something useful for the user.

That’s why we built this learning community to help you become the best product maker through community first approach and with a mix of live classes, projects and mentoring from experts.

We   building and growing digital products. We want to share the same passion with you and help you learn the art and science of building great products.

  • Safe learning community for overall growth
  • Support of peers
  • Guidance of industry experts
  • Vision and motivation for 10X growth
  • Accountability
  • Career opportunities
  • Learning with burning a hole in your pocket

Crafted for the growth mindset

What do you get on ProductHood?

Live Sessions

Connect with world class experts online in small groups.

Gain Micro Skills Fast

You need hundred's of skills to build a great product or career.


Let your peers and our experts hold you accountable

Networking Opportunity

Join our invite only private community and grow network.

build your brand

Share your story with the global community of product makers.

New Career Opportunities

Get matched with awesome job opportunities from our partners.

With a mission to teach people to build successful products, become world class marketers and hack business growth ProductHood is helping APMs and folks eager to learn about product management, to grow and enhance their knowledge with hands on expertise and networking.

This program is a highly organized and well structured to take the one from the basics of product to the complete product design, roadmap lifecycle and prototyping. With hands on individual and group tasks & assignment’s. And not to forget the amazing weekly guest sessions by fellow SPM/PMs from the community

ProductHood also has amazing and resource filled community where you can network, share and learn from all the product folks all around.

Lokesh Gupta Kudos to you for leading this, Thank your for your efforts in making the fellowship a great learning experience

Farzan Shaikh

Product @ Zeta Suite (Directi)

Learning Tracks

Our training curriculum covers the full product lifecycle from idea to revenue

Product Management

Learn to take an Idea from start to finish.

User Experience & Design

Build awesome products with great UI/UX

Growth Hacking

Acquire & retain users at scale

Product Marketing

Build strong brand & evangelize product

Product Sales

Create a strong product sales machinery and drive revenues

Business & Leadership

Lead, strategize, communicate & collaborate for success

One membership, multiple options for your success


Build something under the capstone program

Video Library

120+ hours of premium content

Live Classes

Weekly live classes


Practice micro skills


Meet industry folks

We are not a right fit for you

  • if you enjoy status quo
  • if you hate working hard
  • if you are looking for quick results
  • if you don’t like growth
  • if you don’t want to network with smart folks
We are a perfect fit for you
  • if you want to get out of comfort zone
  • if you like to stretch beyond the obvious
  • if you want to see long lasting results
  • if you want to 10X your growth
  • if you like the company of smart people

We Building Products

Share the passion of building and growing products with the community

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