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ProductHood is a Growth Catalyst for Awesome Products

ProductHood is a Growth Catalyst for

Awesome Products

Product Lessons Learned Conference 2020

Product lessons learned is a free online conference for product managers, product startups and teams who want to learn from the success and failures of other product managers and experts.

More than 50 experts and teams showcased their learning through interviews, live demo’s and workshops.

Learn. Apply. Repeat.

Learn the art and science of building and growing digital products with the world class experts. 

Apply the knowledge to your day to day work and make your product stand out.

Topics Covered

Product Management

Product Design

Product Marketing

Growth Hacking

Project Management

Agile Product Development

AI & Machine Learning

Data Science

Product Sales & Conversions

Our Experts

Master Classes for Product Professionals

Learn to build, market and sale world class products with the experts online anytime anywhere with ProductHood Master Classes.

Watch byte sized classes or enroll into full length courses. Choice is yours but we guarantee learning with fun and success. 

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