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ProductHood is a global platform connecting product makers & professionals for the exchange of knowledge and opportunities.
We building and growing digital products. We want to share the same passion with you and help you learn the art and science of building great products.

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Beat your competition by moving a step ahead of their game. Let knowledge and continuous upskilling be your secret weapon.

ProductHood Live training and mentoring programs gives you that edge by connecting you with real world experts who have been there done there.

Crafted for the growth mindset

What do you get on ProductHood?

Live Instructor Led Sessions

Connect with world class experts online in small groups.

Gain Micro Skills Fast

You need hundred's of skills to build a great product or career.

Grow with a Coach

A good coach can catapult your career to a new height.

Networking Opportunity

Join our invite only private community and grow network.

build your brand

Share your story with the global community of product makers.

New Career Opportunities

Get matched with awesome job opportunities from our partners.

Learning Tracks

Our training curriculum covers the full product lifecycle from idea to revenue

Product Management

Learn to take an Idea from start to finish.

User Experience & Design

Build awesome products with great UI/UX

Growth Hacking

Acquire & retain users at scale

Product Marketing

Build strong brand & evangelize product

Product Sales

Create a strong product sales machinery and drive revenues

Business & Leadership

Lead, strategize, communicate & collaborate for success

Popular Live Trainings

Learn to build perfect product wireframes using Balsamiq


Learn to build a strong product roadmap for your product business


Overview of the technical skills required to build digital products


One platform, multiple options for your success


Short duration (2-4 hour) training program with assignments for rapid learning


Longer duration (1-4 week long) training program with projects and assignments


Hybrid learning solutions for self paced study along with live instructor support


One to one coaching for a more personalized learning experience and mentoring

We Building Products

Share the passion of building and growing products with the community