APM Fellowship

Product Management Fellowship Program

Start your career as a product professional in a high growth product based company.

Duration: 6 weeks | Live Instructor Led | Online Classes |  1 year placement assistance | 1 month Think Tank Membership Free

Upcoming Batches

Batch 7th June 2024 9:30-10:30 PM IST

I am thrilled to see that in just 20 days ProductHood has become a essential part of my life. Lokesh Gupta has proved with his fellowship program that he is a Rockstar who can engage his students with his portal and maintain stickiness to the pragram in the best possible way. One can learn so much from this program and get the community of aspiring PM’s through his portal is just mindblowing. I have done couple of other Product Management courses before but this one is really different. With daily tasks, weekly assignments and regular targets I have gained lot of confidence on my capabilities as a PM. ProductHood community is a mini google for me now for my #productmanagement related questions. Thank you Lokesh Gupta for having me in this powerful program.

Vaishnavi Kulkarni

Technical Product Manager @ Dhekho Network

We have students from the best brands

Ashish Kumar Thakur

I am lucky that I got this fellowship. And I would recommend everyone to join this fellowship programme and take advantage of it.

Rakshith Sunku

It's not just about training but the fellowship is offering interview preparation, resume building, mock interviews, and job opportunities making it stand apart from other programs. I am thoroughly enjoying live lectures, case studies, and assignments.

Soumyadeep Purkayastha

I got lucky to be picked up for a Product Fellowship program in ProductHood led by Lokesh and the learnings so far have been nothing less than amazing.

Vishwanath Koli

ProductHood helped me to understand depth of Product management very well

Farzan Shaikh

With a mission to teach people to build successful products ProductHood is helping PMs and folks eager to learn about product management

Karishma Parchwani

Being started with this certification course by ProductHood, I have learnt not only soft skills but also tools and techniques required for a PM role.

Dheeraj Tiwari

Producthood is my first cohort-based learning experience and I am very satisfied with the course quality and experience provided by them.

Vignesh Karthikeyan

Networking and brainstorming opportunities during the course has helped me immensely in improving my PM skills

Venkatesh S.

The structure of the program is very good. It is more like learning by doing.

Ishan Mandal

I finally got the product role. Thank you ProductHood.

Mayank Soni

I am glad I got an opportunity to be a part of PM Fellowship Programme. It’s really great how easy ProductHood community portal is to engage with everyone and share our learning which help me and others grow.

Sitaram Chikkala

Cultivating a Culture of Critical Thinking and Decision Making: ProductHood's fellowship program goes beyond the basics. It fosters a culture of critical thinking, challenging assumptions, and making informed decisions.

Kamalini Yuvaraj

I’m thankful to the producthood community for giving me an avenue to apply my product learning to solve real life problems with their assignments and interactive webinars. It has helped me meet product people across different domains from different parts of the world.

Vedita Bhatia

ProductHood PM fellowship has been a catalyst to my product management career. Apart from great live sessions the discussions and network between individuals of various disciplines help accelerate learning.

Saksham Jain

I have learned a lot during the last 5-6 weeks, from sessions, peers, assignments, guests lectures, and discussions.

Cohort Based Learning

Learn together with like minded professionals

1.5 Months Program

6 weeks of intensive learning and practical assignments

Additional Benefits

Get 1 month think tank membership free benefits

Certified PM Fellow

Get certificate & showcase it on your resume

Invest in Your Product Management Career

You get access to

  • 1 month of Think Tank Membership with pro content
  • 200+ hours of video library
  • Free access to courses (API, Mobile, SaaS Product Management, Email Marketing, SEO, Product Led Growth and more)
  • Weekly mock interview Huddles
  • Private community of members and Alumni
  • Placement assistance through opportunities and interview preparation.
  • PM Fellowship certificate

Course Fee

Rs. 6499 only or Approx. $75 for International Participants.

Get it reimbursed from your employer

Many participants get the program fee reimbursed from their employers. Use this template to get approval from your manager. We will issue the invoice as per your requirement.

Program Overview

Product managers are the glue that bind the many functions that touch a product—engineering, design, customer success, sales, marketing, operations, finance, legal, and more. They not only own the decisions about what gets built but also influence every aspect of how it gets built and launched.

The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making, an increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of software-development methodologies.

However, getting into product management is tough and requires a complete mindset change. This can not happen in few months and you can not become a product manager unless you have been there done there.

That’s why we have designed this Product Management fellowship program so that you can gradually transition into a product management role.

Student Work Showcase

Work done by Fellowship Participants

Program is suitable for


with 1-10 years of experience in Technology, Sales, Marketing, Design, Finance, Operations or even HR domain.


with less than 1 year of experience or students in their final year of college will find this program useful.


with limited product and technology experience and need an exposure to product management.

With a mission to teach people to build successful products, become world class marketers and hack business growth ProductHood is helping APMs and folks eager to learn about product management, to grow and enhance their knowledge with hands on expertise and networking.

This program is a highly organized and well structured to take the one from the basics of product to the complete product design, roadmap lifecycle and prototyping. With hands on individual and group tasks & assignment’s. And not to forget the amazing weekly guest sessions by fellow SPM/PMs from the community

ProductHood also has amazing and resource filled community where you can network, share and learn from all the product folks all around.

Lokesh Gupta Kudos to you for leading this, Thank your for your efforts in making the fellowship a great learning experience

Farzan Shaikh

Product @ Zeta Suite (Directi)

What do you get?

Live Sessions

Interactive and immersive learning from the Industry mentors

like minded community

Access to our community with networking and growth opportunities.

Actionable insights

Forget theory. Apply what you learn to your business or job. Create world class products.

Flexible schedule

Learn anytime anywhere as per your work schedule.


You will get tools, templates and learning material during and after the program.

You will not become a PM in few months. But you can always start small with us.

Live Lectures

ProductHood team will teach you the fundamentals of product management

Project Work

You will work on the real world project case to broaden your thought process


Work on real world product problems as part of the take home weekly assignments

Interview Prep

Solve 30+ real world interview case problems and build your problem solving muscles

Recent Daily Challenges

The Curriculum

6 weeks of intensive learning to make you ready for the real world product management problems in a technology product business.


Most frequent questions and answers

Product management courses on Udemy or free resources on YouTube will not give you practical experience which is required to become good at product management. It requires a mindset change which will come only when you start working on real projects along with other team members. You will get theoretical knowledge on Udemy and elsewhere which you will forget very soon. In our program we ensure that you get only the best distilled knowledge from our experience and then you apply it to build a real world project.

Fee is Rs. 6499 or $75. This also includes 1 month access to our premium Think Tank Membership.

You can’t become a CEO of a company (unless you are starting own venture) or a super star actor on day 1.

You have to start from the scratch and gradually move up the ladder. Same is with the product management career.

While there are exceptions, a product career requires that you start with basics and gradually get into that mindset.

That’s why we have designed this program as we know how hard it is to become a PM. You have to take risk and ready to start your career form ground zero.

We deliver the classes online in an interactive manner. You will receive the meeting link before the class start time. You need to login with your password in order to attend the session.

The instructor will share his screen and deliver the content. You can ask questions or doubts through chat and audio. You will get ample time for networking opportunities as well as work in groups to attempt problems.

Classes would be conducted in the evening or over weekends.

In addition to this we will have guest sessions during week days or weekends depending on the guest availability. 

We will update the schedule in advance so that you can plan things at your end.

There is no pre-requisite for this course. However a basic knowledge of technology and products is expected from the participants.

This program is relevant for college students, working professionals who are looking to build a career in product management but do not have required skillset and experience to become a product manager.

Our cohort program needs 5-6 hours of weekly preparation in addition to 1-2 hours of weekly live classes.

We are committed to your success and will provide all kind of support in the form of resources, networking, mock interview prep and community events to help you find a great PM role. As a cohort member, you get 1 year access to our premium membership and opportunity to participate in weekly interview preparation sessions.

We also share job opportunities coming from our partners, network and alumni.

We have put in lot of efforts in creating the content in order to make this course comprehensive and relevant for current market requirements.

There are tons of videos and resources available online but the information is scattered all over the place. You might end up spending hours before you find something relevant.  The course will save you a lot of time and provide you the distilled knowledge gained over many years. You will also get a chance to network with the like minded professionals from around the world. In addition you will get assignments and worksheets which will help you retain the concepts in a much better way.

We will provide resources to help you with CV writing from time to time.

Yes, through our weekly interview preparation sessions as part of think tank membership.

Certificate is available to only those who complete the program.

Yes, if you pass our evaluation criteria then you will get a certificate and entitled to life long ProductHood fellowship.

You will get access to our Think Tank Membership for 1 year. Through this premium membership, you will get access to other premium courses, mock interview preparation, networking with members and lot more. 

You are a product. Invest in yourself.

Learn multiple micro skills to succeed rapidly in your life and career

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