Sales, Marketing & Branding Solutions

Sales, Marketing & Branding Solutions for Companies

We help product makers, marketers and agencies build a global brand and find new clients.

Reach a global audience of 100,000+ product professionals who are interested to know more about your brand and learn from your expertise. Share your products, tools, growth story to drive inbound traffic, leads and build a credible brand.

Get More Business

Build your presence on ProductHood Marketplace and generate more leads and growth opportunities.

Company Page

Whether you are a product maker or agency, list your business by creating a company page. Customize it as per your brand requirements.

Lead Generation

Find more leads across multiple touch points and through custom programs tailored for your business. Connect your CRM to have seamless experience.

Customer Reviews

Collect new reviews or showcase your existing customer’s love on your company page. Get more eye balls and build trust among your clients.

Product Demo's

Tell the world about your new product launch or help community learn product use cases through video tutorials or live sessions.

Deals & Discounts

Promote your business by sharing the best deals or discounts on your products and services. Find new clients by delighting them with offers.

Teach Community & Share Your Story

Our community of product professionals want to know about your story and experiences building products and businesses.


Speak your mind and inspire the community with actionable tips and tricks to build great products.


ProductHood magazine covers the behind the scene  stories of successful products and entrepreneurs.

AMA's & Master Classes

Teach the latest concepts in building products used by masses in our live master classes or answer the questions of community in Ask Me Anything Sessions.

Tutorials & Courses

Help our content team create tutorials and courses on various topics related to product management. These are co-branded content with your content and expertise. 

Outreach Marketing Solutions

Reach more audience directly with our outreach marketing solutions tailored for your business growth


Contests, Hackathons or Virtual Summits, we can plan a big event around your brand requirements and drive massive engagement.

Influencer Marketing

With a large pool of hand picked influencers in product & technology world, we can help push your story to a global fan following of these brand marketers.


We provide multiple touch points for your advertisement. For e.g. Podcasts, Master Classes, Tutorials, Courses, Newsletters, Social Media Posts etc.

Product Evangelists are the silver bullets for Your Product Marketing

Make your customers fall in love with you through product evangelism

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