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Featured Course

API Product Management

Learn to build great API Products for your business growth

Featured Course

SaaS Product Management

Learn about the SaaS Ecosystem and building SaaS products end to end.

Featured Course

Mobile Product Management

Learn to build mobile apps as a product management professional

Learn the key skills required by hiring managers at product companies

Premium Courses (Comes with Think Tank Membership)

Technology 101

Speak the language of your technology team

SEO for PMs

Learn the fundamentals of SEO and collaborate with SEO teams

Product Led Growth

Learn to make your product a growth engine for your business

Email Marketing for PMs

Learn to grow your product through email marketing

Marketplace Product Management

How to build marketplace products as a Product Manager.

Product Discovery 101

Learn the process to figure out - What needs to be built.

Product Thinking 101

Learn to know what makes a product useful and loved by people.

Building Fintech Products

Learn the fundamentals of building fintech products.

Product Management Frameworks

Learn to solve PM Interview problems using various frameworks.

Product Metrics for Product Managers

Everything you need to know about product metrics.

Data Product Management

Learn to build data products and work on a capstone project.

The platform is fantastic, allowing users to share their learnings, interact, and grow together in this tremendous learning experience. This approach, in my opinion, allows for greater engagement and collaboration while also being incredibly user-friendly. ProductHood has definitely figured out how to design and implement online learning in a way that allows other participants to get the most out of the program in terms of learning, networking, and opportunities.

Saksham Jain

NMIMS, Mumbai

Free Courses

SQL Made Simple

A Non-technical course to Databases and Queries

Wireframing 101

Learn to create wireframes without writing code

Writing User Stories

Learn how to write clear and concise User Stories

Product Backlog 101

Learn creating a good product backlog as a PM

OKR's for Beginners

Learn to write metric-driven OKR's to manage your team

Writing Good PRDs

Learn everything you need to write good PRDs

A/B Testing 101

Learn A/B Testing & how to use it to make better products

Introduction to Gen AI

Gain a solid understanding of Gen AI concepts & models.

Email Etiquette 101

Master the art of crafting clear, concise, and professional emails

Time Management 101

Explore and develop essential time management skills

Learn to do Skill Gap Analysis

Asses the gap between your current and future skills

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