Building Successful API Products Workshop

Build Successful API Led Products

A Non Technical Course for Product, Business and Technology Professionals.

Course is available as part of ProductHood Think Tank Membership

Learn the art and science of building great API Products for your business growth and customer satisfaction.

APIs are everywhere. You need APIs to build web applications, mobile apps, SaaS products, integration with 3rd party systems, or enabling others to integrate with your product.

What people say?

API is quite an open ended topic and in past I have struggled with justification of resources for API products.
Workshop helped establish link between API products and ROI.

ROI by making internal products communicate more efficiently, thus decreasing costs Or Quickly integrating with Third party product, leading to faster growth.

Overall, workshop was interactive. Started with finer details for the beginners,and went in-depth to explore the link between business needs and API products.
Kartik Sharma
Ex. Director of Products, CarDekho

Building APIs or Application Programming Interfaces is not only an art but a science. It requires planning, preparation, execution, and improvement like any other digital product.

In this course, you will learn about the potential of APIs and their impact on your business. You will be introduced to the fascinating world of APIs and learn to think about APIs from a business perspective.

We will see how APIs are used in the real world and why more and more companies are going the API route to create new avenues of growth through a platform and partnership approach.

We will cover both the basic and advanced topics within API Product Management through lots of examples, case studies and assignments.

API's are used by Developers. But Building API's require skills across business, product and technology in order to create an awesome developer experience.

What you will learn?

You will learn the fundamentals of API Product and how APIs can have a positive impact on the business

What will be covered?

  • APIs in Real World and the Business Opportunity
  • API Business Models
  • API Strategy & Product Conceptualization
  • API Product Life Cycle and Value Chain
  • API Tools
  • API Documentation
  • API Stakeholders
  • API Security and Legal Consideration
  • API Metrics
  • API Developer Experience and Ecosystem

Course is available as part of ProductHood Think Tank Membership

Who can learn?

Product & Business

Professionals, Managers and Executives across Product and Business functions.


Software Developers, Testers, Engineering Managers and IT Professionals.


Founders, Entrepreneurs, CXO's, Department Heads and Senior Management

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