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Program Overview

Product managers are the glue that bind the many functions that touch a product—engineering, design, customer success, sales, marketing, operations, finance, legal, and more. They not only own the decisions about what gets built but also influence every aspect of how it gets built and launched.

The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making, an increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of software-development methodologies.

However, getting into product management is tough and companies look for people who understand the process of building products and have the right mindset.

Cracking product management interviews need practice and mentoring even for experienced product managers let alone the newbies. 

That’s why we have designed this PM Interview Preparation Sprint for those who want to prepare for their upcoming interviews.

This is a right program for those who

  • Want to increase the chances of CV Shortlist
  • Want to understand why they get rejected during assignment or interview round
  • Want to prepare confidently for their upcoming interviews.

Program is suitable for


Who are experienced or newbies in the product management world and need the right guidance and preparation for cracking the PM interviews.


Freshers or students in their final year of college will find this program useful as they will learn the art of solving problems and facing PM related questions confidently.

With a mission to teach people to build successful products, become world class marketers and hack business growth ProductHood is helping APMs and folks eager to learn about product management, to grow and enhance their knowledge with hands on expertise and networking.

This program is a highly organized and well structured to take the one from the basics of product to the complete product design, roadmap lifecycle and prototyping. With hands on individual and group tasks & assignment’s. And not to forget the amazing weekly guest sessions by fellow SPM/PMs from the community

ProductHood also has amazing and resource filled community where you can network, share and learn from all the product folks all around.

Lokesh Gupta Kudos to you for leading this, Thank your for your efforts in making the fellowship a great learning experience

Farzan Shaikh

Product @ Zeta Suite (Directi)

What do you get?


Interactive and immersive learning from the experts.

private community

Access to Think Tank Membership where you can transform yourself as a product professional.


You will get tools, templates and learning material during and after the program.

You will Not get feedback from the hiring manager that's why you need this program to understand where you go wrong

Live Mock Interviews

Solve problems live, answer questions or listen to the feedback given to other participants.

Case Studies

You will work on the real world case studies to broaden your horizons and present to the group.


Work on real world PM interview problems and prepare yourself collaboratively.

Rework Your CV

Modify your CV to ensure you get shortlisted and highlight your product experience.

Leverage the power of community and stay ahead of your peers

CV Tips

Feedback on your CV from the mentors and community.

Assignment Guidance

Feedback on interview assignment during & after the cohort.

Think tank membership

Transform yourself in 2023 as a ProductHood Think Tank member.

You will be able to get feedback on your past and current product management interview assignments in our community

One membership, multiple options for your success

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120+ hours of premium content

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Weekly live classes


Practice micro skills


Meet industry folks

Get 10X return on your investment

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  • Showcase projects
  • Participate in challenges

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  • 120+ hours of video content
  • Weekly Interview practice
  • 10+ hours of monthly live classes
  • Guest lectures and AMAs
  • Premium Course(s) - PM, API, Email, SEO, PLG, SaaS, Mobile Product Management
  • Monthly Open hour session
  • Growth Sprints
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  • Everything in monthly plan
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Crack Interviews Easily


Most frequent questions and answers

You can learn product management concepts from books, YouTube or Udemy but you need hands on practice while solving real world interview problems.

Even experienced product managers find it difficult to crack interviews due to the abstract nature of product management and varying requirements of various companies.

You might be facing various issues

  • CV not getting shortlisted
  • Rejecting in the assignment round
  • Failing in the interview round.
  • No concrete feedback on your performance.

You will find answers to the above questions in this membership. You will get learning resources, tips, cheat sheets and mock interview assignments as the membership benefits.

You will also face questions during the live sessions from the experts.

We will help you acquire skills and face the interviews confidently.

Every week there will be 1 session of 1 hours each where we will solve a PM problem collaboratively.

Rest of the week, you will do interview assignments and work on your CV.

People who work on the assignments and help others will get a chance to get interviewed in the group live sessions.

You must have product management experience or understand the product management fundamentals. This is not a course where we teach you PM concepts from scratch.

You can ask your doubts in the community forum. We will not be able to help you on an individual basis. 

Currently we are not offering any 1-1 service. However this is on our roadmap. We will let you know once we start this service.

This program is relevant for professionals, freshers and students who are looking to prepare for product management interviews.

Yes, session recordings are available as part of the program as long as you are subscribed to the membership.

We ensure our cohort’s are capped to a certain limit so that participants get enough attention and networking opportunities.

Our cohort program needs 4-5 hours of weekly commitment in addition to 1 hours of weekly live classes.

We are committed to your success and will provide all kind of support in the form of resources, networking, mock interview prep and community events to help you find a great PM role. 

This program is part of Think Tank Membership. Check pricing here.

There are tons of videos and resources available online but the information is scattered all over the place. You might end up spending hours before you find something relevant.  The course will save you a lot of time and provide you the distilled knowledge gained over many years. You will also get a chance to network with the like minded professionals from around the world. In addition you will get assignments and worksheets which will help you retain the concepts in a much better way.

You are a product. Invest in yourself.

Learn multiple micro skills to succeed rapidly in your life and career

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