SEO for Product Managers

SEO for Product Managers

Learn the fundamentals of SEO and collaborate with SEO teams

Course is available as part of ProductHood Think Tank Membership
SEO is a science in itself. You need SEO skills to make your product searchable and also to work with your SEO and marketing teams.
You have built a product. Now what? You need to get users, right? Acquiring users is costly. So what can you do? Well you can rely on search engines to send tons of traffic to your product and that too for free! Free for sure but how? Well you have a thing called SEO or Search Engine Optimization which you can do to make your product (web or mobile), search engine friendly.

ProductHood helped me in building capabilities and upskilling myself in product management. The program offered by them is very structured and grills you in bringing the structural change in mindset towards the product.

Dikshant Chawla

McKinsey & Company

You may wonder why on earth as a product manager (with so many other things you need to know as a generalist, that is, knowing a bit about everything) you would need to know SEO too.

SEO is often seen as something quite technical and only to be done by experts. There are many layers of SEO from basic to quite advanced, it is absolutely possible for everyone in business to learn the basics. When they do commit to this, quite frankly the results are amazing.

This course will help you understand the nuances of SEO and make you understand the ways to collaborate with your technology and SEO team with ease.

SEO is a skill that comes handy while dealing with various stakeholders and finding innovative ways of acquiring users for cheap.

What you will learn?

Key Take Away:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • SEO Tools
  • Mobile and Web SEO for your product
  • Working with SEO and Marketing Team
  • Tracking SEO performance
  • Planning SEO as a PM

Course is available as part of ProductHood Think Tank Membership

Who can learn?

Product & Business

Professionals, Managers and Executives across Product and Business functions.


Software Developers, Testers, Engineering Managers and IT Professionals.


Founders, Entrepreneurs, CXO's, Department Heads and Senior Management

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