Product Led Growth

Demystifying Product Led Growth

Learn to make your product a growth engine for your business

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Product-led growth focuses on the product as the primary growth engine rather than relying on traditional sales and marketing led engine.

Product-led growth (PLG) is in the limelight for all the right reasons.

B2B and B2C product companies around the world are relying on Product led growth to drive user acquisition, revenue and business growth.

ProductHood helped me in building capabilities and upskilling myself in product management. The program offered by them is very structured and grills you in bringing the structural change in mindset towards the product.

Dikshant Chawla

McKinsey & Company

So what is PLG? It an end user-focused growth model that relies on the product itself as the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion. Think of products like Slack, DropBox, FreshWorks, Zoho, Zerodha, Groww when some one talks about Product Led Growth. These products were able to grow faster and more efficiently through the sheer power and leverage of their products. This product leverage creates loyal fans who not only become customers but also helps drive active pipeline of customers. Thus building a growth loop that is self sufficient.

Dropbox reached $1 billion in revenue in less than 10 years. The secret? A product-led growth strategy.

Course is available as part of ProductHood Think Tank Membership

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