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Sitaram Chikkala

🌟 I cannot express enough gratitude to Lokesh Gupta and ProductHood for the incredible journey I had during the Product Management Fellowship. 🚀

Best Feedback: The feedback I received throughout the fellowship was exceptional. It not only helped me refine my skills but also pushed me to strive for excellence in product management. The constructive critiques and insights I gained have been instrumental in my growth.

Gaining Knowledge by Solving Real Problems: ProductHood’s fellowship exposed me to real-world product management challenges. It allowed me to dive deep into solving these problems and create comprehensive product strategies. This hands-on experience is unmatched and has enriched my product management knowledge significantly.

Best Investment for Less Amount of Money: Joining the Product Management Fellowship at ProductHood has proven to be one of the best investments in my career. The value I received greatly outweighed the modest cost. The skills, expertise, and connections I gained are truly invaluable.

Cultivating a Culture of Critical Thinking and Decision Making: ProductHood’s fellowship program goes beyond the basics. It fosters a culture of critical thinking, challenging assumptions, and making informed decisions. This approach not only enhances your product management skills but also molds you into a well-rounded professional.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lokesh Gupta and ProductHood to anyone aspiring to excel in product management. The fellowship is an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and become part of a community that values excellence. 🌟
If you’re eager to embrace challenges, expand your horizons, and take your product management career to new heights, I strongly encourage you to follow Lokesh Gupta and explore the Product Management Fellowship at ProductHood. 🚀

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What other's are saying

Kamalini Yuvaraj

I’m thankful to the producthood community for giving me an avenue to apply my product learning to solve real life problems with their assignments and interactive webinars. It has helped me meet product people across different domains from different parts of the world.

Mayank Soni

I am glad I got an opportunity to be a part of PM Fellowship Programme. It’s really great how easy ProductHood community portal is to engage with everyone and share our learning which help me and others grow.

Rakshith Sunku

It's not just about training but the fellowship is offering interview preparation, resume building, mock interviews, and job opportunities making it stand apart from other programs. I am thoroughly enjoying live lectures, case studies, and assignments.

Ashish Kumar Thakur

I am lucky that I got this fellowship. And I would recommend everyone to join this fellowship programme and take advantage of it.

Karishma Parchwani

Being started with this certification course by ProductHood, I have learnt not only soft skills but also tools and techniques required for a PM role.

Venkatesh S.

The structure of the program is very good. It is more like learning by doing.

Vedita Bhatia

ProductHood PM fellowship has been a catalyst to my product management career. Apart from great live sessions the discussions and network between individuals of various disciplines help accelerate learning.

Ishan Mandal

I finally got the product role. Thank you ProductHood.

Soumyadeep Purkayastha

I got lucky to be picked up for a Product Fellowship program in ProductHood led by Lokesh and the learnings so far have been nothing less than amazing.

Saksham Jain

I have learned a lot during the last 5-6 weeks, from sessions, peers, assignments, guests lectures, and discussions.

Vignesh Karthikeyan

Networking and brainstorming opportunities during the course has helped me immensely in improving my PM skills

Farzan Shaikh

With a mission to teach people to build successful products ProductHood is helping PMs and folks eager to learn about product management

Vishwanath Koli

ProductHood helped me to understand depth of Product management very well

Dheeraj Tiwari

Producthood is my first cohort-based learning experience and I am very satisfied with the course quality and experience provided by them.

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