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ActiveProspect is a software suite that consists of LeadConduit, TrustedForm, and SuppresionList. Our tools are designed to enable marketers to efficiently and effectively source leads while guaranteeing legal compliance. LeadConduit, our flagship program, is an integration hub that can capture leads from any source, enhance leads with data from 3rd party vendors, and deliver qualified leads to any CRM or marketing automation platform. TrustedForm is the original lead certification program, created in 2010 to aid businesses in providing proof of consent when dealing with potential litigation from the TCPA or CASL. SuppressionList allows for lead buyers to determine, prior to purchasing a lead, if it is already in their database so they can avoid duplicates. Lead vendors can use this tool to “pre-ping” a potential buyer’s database to determine if they already have the lead, and reroute it to a customer that might not. All ActiveProspect solutions act in real time in order to provide businesses with the data and proof of consent they need to scale their lead acquisition efforts without slowing down operations.

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