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Celoxis’ comprehensive features address the real-world complexities of managing projects across organizations and functions; it excels at planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting with great agility and user-friendliness. Celoxis help users plan and manage real-world, diverse project portfolios. It is highly customizable to suit a variety of business needs. Celoxis has a vast feature set that includes: – Auto and manual scheduling modes that accommodate geographically distributed project teams working in different time zones, time-constrained tasks, part-time resources, unavoidable absences, interim resource swaps, and even one-off exceptions such as teams working weekends to meet deadlines, all in one project schedule – Interactive Gantt that can effortlessly handle more than 10,000 tasks – Cross Project Gantt – Project Portfolio Management – Job-role based costing and billing – Support for multiple billing models – Multiple Dashboards – Powerful Reporting capabilities with a whole range of graphical drill-down charts to visualize project data. – Card View – Resource workload charts, Capacity planning, Resource utilization and real-time workload realization – Multiple custom field types such as currency, dates, pick lists and even formula fields. – Advanced reporting engine that gives you a powerful platform to turn all your project data into actionable insights – Custom Apps that allow you to create and configure the intuitive project and business processes within the project management system making it a single platform for all your tasks and other work items such as bugs, issues, approvals, change requests, etc… – Collaboration on projects, tasks and other work items including documents. – Enhanced data visualization with comparison bars, 100% stacked bars, trend lines, pie charts – Multilingual application – Mobile interface – Out of the box Integrations with MS Project, Salesforce, G-Drive and QBO, and web-based API Latest Release (Version 11.5): With this release, the reporting and dashboards module gets a major overhaul to improve usability and insight-driven analytics. This release includes features and improvements like metric reports, flexible dashboard layouts, ability to resize columns and sticky column headers for long scrolling reports.

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