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Comidor ( is an online BPM platform with Collaboration, People and Project Management, Case Management and Workflow Automation functions which offers a variety of tools appropriate, not to say needed for all businesses! Features: – Business Process Management (BPM) with different types of business processes like cases, issues, tickets, projects, opportunities and more – Process Automation with BMPN 2.0 Workflows, Process Scheduling and Process Templates – Integrated communication with internal mails, chat, discussion boards and notifications – Interactive Calendar with drag-n-drop functionality, where personal/group/supervised tasks and events are placed. Tasks can be repeated and assigned to individuals, group leaders or whole groups. – Document Management System (DMS) to manage your personal, shared and public documents and Content Management System (CMS) to share knowledge with company – 360° approach for Account, Contact and Leads Management – Project Management with work packages that help prioritise work under any PM methodology – Customized Reports and Business Intelligence Tools – Quick Adds – Workbench with activity stream (and emails), processes that run and work to-do

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