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dhtmlxGantt is a JavaScript/HTML5 solution for creating smart and powerful Gantt charts for planning and project management applications. dhtmlxGantt has flexible and fully customizable layout, includes resource management features, supports drag-n-drop, auto-scheduling and critical path calculation. The library can be used with any technology or framework, such as Angular, React, Vue.js, JQuery and etc. (we have guides!). dhtmlxGantt supports import/export to MS Project, iCal, Excel, PDF/PNG and works smoothly in all modern browers. The most useful features of dhtmlxGantt: – Resource management – Working days and hours for individual tasks – Critical path calculation – Project, task and milestone types of tasks as well custom tasks – Auto scheduling – Deadlines and baselines – Accessibility – Dynamic loading – Smart rendering – 7 pre-defined skins – And many more Read more about dhtmlxGantt: https://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGantt

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