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Earliz is a tool dedicated to the success of all projects: intuitive management, effortless monitoring and simplified communication. Involve your teams through social tools, and get at any time automatic, customizable and editable follow-up reports. Already used in 137 countries! Earliz, your FREE project management and monitoring software: – An intuitive project management tool for all your needs (Agile/Planning). – An effortless monitoring, to enjoy at any time automatic, customizable and editable follow-up metrics. – A simplified communication, to share all your documents, and debate online with your team using blogs, forums, chats or comments. – At each step, our video tutorials are available to assist you! – Choose the language of your interface: English, French, Spanish or Italian. – And stay connected to all your favorite online services like Google Calendar, Google Drive or Dropbox. Unlimited projects, teams and storage: do not hesitate!

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