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Linkd is affordable project management software for the construction industry. Made by AEC industry experts, Linkd is equipped with cloud technology that is accessible from anywhere at any time. This allows for simultaneous project updates and constant communication in one place. Linkd offers cutting edge software to cut costs and save time. By integrating cutting edge AI and AR technology, Linkd gathers results for you as data is inputted into the system and takes paperwork out of the equation. Companies can cut out paper documentation and other traditional ways of filing out of their workflow completely. With Linkd’s centralized platform, you are able to update projects and documents in real time while increasing overall efficiency. Our collaboration feature also cuts down on outside emails and ways of communication for updates of the specific project or document. When a document is updated, or a change order occurs, Linkd posts the change so the rest of the organization can see the update in real time. You not only save time, but also save money with Linkd. Linkd enables projects to run more efficiently while staying in budget and keeping everyone in constant contact with the most up to date information. Linkd software also increases project success with collaboration and use of simplified project management software. With easy adoption and universal accessibility, Linkd cuts risks, improves communication and grows businesses. Automate, collaborate and be informed with Linkd.

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