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Its primary function is to visualize and consider the causes and effects of complex relations between multiple concepts or notions. This allows for in-depth analysis of all factors and concepts affected by or affecting a notion or an idea. The software displays all possible paths between any number of various concepts allowing the user to choose the most effective, efficient and logical route to accomplish any given goal. Advanced analysis allows the user to anticipate future developments and to single out the causes of past issues. Furthermore LinkNotions assists in the creation of complex studies, advanced research, problem solving and problem anticipation, as well as visualization of underlying and unclear links, perception of future trends and detailed versions of vast fields of knowledge rendered into useable information and diagrams. As a secondary purpose, LinkNotions doubles as a helper for interactive organograms, sociograms, non linear mind maps, family trees as well as an educational course and exercise planner and as a non-linear organizer.

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