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MyGuide by EdCast is an in-app guidance and training platform, which helps your customers and employees complete any web or mobile task. MyGuide offers Machine Driven mode which allows Machine to auto-create tours (in more than 10 languages) and AI-assisted mode which can auto-suggest tours based on customer workflow. MyGuide even offers self-driving software mode to enterprise customers. Whether you are a training manager, marketer, product manager, customer care representative or change management administrator, MyGuide is a must-have solution that will drive your businesses forward at full speed. MyGuide works like a GPS for software and provides you contextual in-app help with Audio and Video and help your customers and employees focus on a specific app workflow. It helps a person to navigate on any web page or software and make him/her perform complex steps in easy ways. MyGuide is very simple to understand and easy to use as it requires you to install its extension on Google Chrome. There are three main use cases i.e. MyGuide Creator, MyGuide Player, and MyGuide Analyzer. 1. MyGuide Creator – In this mode, you can create guides by installing the MyGuide extension on Google Chrome as the extension is available on Google Chrome only. You can create interactive in-app guides for providing huge assistance to complete a specific task. You can create different types of steps like inline, message, video and branch step. Also, you can link guides, create push notifications and beacons when a user lands on a webpage. For understanding the working of MyGuide creator in a better way, you need to request a demo from here – 2. MyGuide Player – The MyGuide player works at the user’s end as it helps the user to understand how a website or software works. A user can play the guides for understanding how to complete any given task on any software. It is available as an Appexchange app and browser extension for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and .JS file. Also, a user can download these guides in the following formats i.e. video file, ppt, gif, pdf, and plain text. 3. MyGuide Analyzer – MyGuide Analyzer is used for analytics purpose and keeps a record of user behavior when they are using MyGuide. Whether you are creating guides or playing the guides, MyGuide analyzer keeps a track record of each and every activity. You can see all the reports in the analytics section. Schedule a demo today and see how MyGuide can add enormous value to your business –

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