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Orchestra PPM allows you to manage the entire life cycle of the project portfolio. From the genesis, selection and validation of a project (demand management) to its day to day management (project planning and collaboration) steering and finally aligning to the strategy and objective of the company, Orchestra PPM does it all. Orchestra PPM offers the following modules and functionalities: demand management, project planning, resource management, timesheet management, documents management, reporting tools, workflow management and budget or cost management. With Orchestra PPM you can master the life cycle of your projects. It not only allows you to mobilize and unite your teams on a single project but also gathers all you project on a common platform. It gives you a global and real time view on the status of your projects. Shared by all stakeholders, Orchestra PPM facilitates collaboration and streamlines communication. It gives you a clear picture of your budgets, resource allocation and helps avoid unnecessary overspending. For Senior Executive, Orchestra PPM offers direct access to strategic and operational dashboards updated in real time to help them make good decisions. By streamlining the flow of information, Orchestra PPM gives decision makers a 360° view on Project status and reliable budget figures. Project managers can control all the key parameters of their projects (planning, cost, workload, risk, performance …) with the possibility to adjust and fine-tune them according to the issues and the expertise of teams. The range of collaborative tools gives them the ability to monitor live the ongoing tasks related to their projects, share with their teams and produce reports with a single click. The project team members have an accessible tool which allows them to visualize all their current and upcoming tasks. The range of collaborative tools gives them the ability to monitor live activity related to their projects, share with different players and complete their timesheets with a few clicks. Orchestra PPM can be used for all types of projects: IT Governance, R

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