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Productive is the only tool you need to run a profitable agency. Manage your entire business from one place. Take control over your projects and keep an eye on profitability. What is unique about Productive and what sets it apart from other services of this kind is the fact that Productive offers one solution instead of multiple services. For example, you might use one tool to track sales and pipeline, another to open and manage tasks and projects, yet another to track profitability and how much money you make (or you’re not even using any tool, maybe you just have a spreadsheet). If you track time, you need a tool for that as well. Maybe some CRM to have all the information about your clients in one place? If you run an agency it could be that you’re paying for two, three or more services to organize your business. Productive is built specifically with agencies in mind (even though it can be used across different industries) to have every aspect of their business covered in one place: sales pipeline, project management, time tracking, CRM, reporting and the most important – profitability. Everything is set up in a way you can easily track how much money you’re earning or losing on your projects and you don’t need to use any other tool or service.

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