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Resource Hero can help you: – Save time on data entry and report generation – Utilize your resources more effectively – Gain key insights on your business Customer review on AppExchange “… a great data model for the resource management, and fantastic out of the box features for customization and editing resource forecasts.” – Ralph Callaway Your data becomes crucial at decision points when you need to gauge: when is a good time to hire, when to boost sales efforts, or when to turn down work. Companies who don’t properly forecast and track employee time will face an unpredictable bottom-line, mismanaged project tracking, and unhappy clients. Resource Hero is a 100% native project and resource management application. This makes it a super flexible and customizable system that fits around your businesses. Your best project managers and sales force rockstars see realtime utilization availability for production teams as they forecast work and track actual hours spent. All this using intuitive spreadsheet-like interfaces for resource scheduling and time sheets. Resource Hero was built from the ground up by a professional service digital agency that’s successfully been in business for over 15 years and proud to bring you a simple, focused, and niched solution for forecasting your people and keeping track of the time.

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