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In response to a highly fragmented technology landscape of niche and single function workplace tools and apps, we built the Sapenta smartworking platform to ensure everything is ‘all-in-one’, in sync, easy to navigate and instantly accessible. We believe that the secret to digitally transforming the workplace lies in connecting and integrating all workflows, work teams, and processes over the one on-line platform (access from a web browser of mobile interfaces) for high levels of automation and productivity, and so that the workplace is instantly accessible from anywhere for high flexibility and collaboration, and for a unified workplace experience. Our platform offers a suite of tools and modules for managing teams (their time and leave), projects and tasks (including a dynamic Gantt that is updated in real-time thanks to its integration with an agile task board, calendar and timesheets, project expenses, travel, smartphone messenger app), back office (purchases, expenses), travel (booking flights, hotels, etc. thanks to our integration with SkyScanner, and management of all related expenses), reporting (instant on-demand updates on projects, expenditure, team workloads and much more), and communication (instant messaging, video conferencing), all of which are interfaced over a configurable web browser and mobile app. Our multi-featured tools and modules are cleverly interconnected to allow data to flow instantly across projects, teams, and workflows, thereby removing the sluggishness and limitations inherent with ‘silo-based’ or application specific tools. Not only do we enable the data-driven workplace, we create a ‘Data Lake’ that can be analysed for providing Business Intelligence insights and information for decision support, as well as mined for generating predictions and recommendations. Our API permits seamless integration with existing enterprise information systems (CRMs, ERPs) to create the end-to-end Digital Enterprise: One workplace, One Platform, One Experience.

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