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WORK ORDERS AND DELIVERABLES Manage your digital assets by creating work orders. Break projects into work orders with multiple deliverables. Each deliverable defines its own workflow with tasks, processes and digital assets. BUSINESS PROCESS MAPPING Visually create workflows using a built-in Workflow Editor. Interactively connect tasks with automated processes, key approvals and conditional requirements which together define the way you work. INTEGRATED WORKFLOW ENGINE The Workflow Engine is a workflow management system that drives the project using the defined workflow created in the Visual Workflow Editor. ASSET TRACKING Manage uploaded files in a digital library, a repository of finished assets. Work on assets using work orders and deliverables and publish completed assets back the the Asset Library. DATA INGESTION Immediately batch import assets which automatically extract important metadata. Asset organization with keywords, custom folders and collections can be created afterwards. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TOOL Focus on improving corporate performance with business process management features like built in reports and dashboards. Visualize, understand and act on the data you have.

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