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VivifyScrum is a software as a service product for agile project management created as a single page application. It is suitable for small agile teams and large organizations alike. With VivifyScrum, you can handle all aspects of your business – from tracking project progress, team collaboration to creating and sending invoices to your clients directly from the app. Add all projects your organization works on, connect related collaboration boards (Scrum or Kanban), add team members and their engagements on those projects. Easily see for how many hours a team member is engaged on a project per week. Issue invoices to your clients, based on the logged hours in the application. VivifyScrum offers two types of collaboration boards – Scrum and Kanban. Scrum boards have Product and Sprint Backlogs, Sprint goal for an active sprint, various charts and reports such as Burndown chart. Kanban board is a simple To Do list. There is a possibility to limit the work in progress for each list to help your team focus and detect bottlenecks easier. VivifyScrum is available as a web, desktop and mobile app (iOS and Android).

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