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We are looking for


You bring expertise and experience as a leverage.


You can be a professional, Freelancer or Consultant with some unique skill sets and passion for creating things.


You actively create something for the creator economy.


You love creating something. It can be anything like blogs, videos, podcasts, courses, newsletters, social media posts or even a community.


You have a team of experts who solve client problems.


You create content to attract and serve clients. You love creating content and leverage it for growth.

Product Makers

You have built a product for others.

Product Makers

You create content to evangelise your product and leverage it to grow.

Potential Synergies


Let our audience connect with you through Podcast Interviews, AMA sessions.

Live sessions

Share what you know through master classes, lectures and courses.


Write original content in the form of articles, tutorials, ebooks, newsletters.


Repurpose and publish your existing content as a course, tutorials and how to guides.


Monetize your content and expertise through courses, mentoring, coaching and consulting.


Refer people and make money passively everytime they purchase on ProductHood.

Build brand. Grow with us.


Free access to sessions by fellow creators.


Build relations in our private community group for creators.


Create profitable collaborations with other creators.

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Enhance your brand by leveraging our partnership.

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We select experts with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
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