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Master micro skills with ProductHood Huddle Sprints

A successful career requires mastering large number of micro skills. You need practice, guidance and co-learners to master these micro skills. ProductHood Huddles are weekly sprints to help you become the best at what you do.

Sprint Format

Problem Statement

Get an interesting problem to solve

Learning Goals

Pre defined learning objectives for growth

Sprint Deadline

Submit solution before Sprint ends

Reading Resources

Get resources for additional knowledge

Live Discussion

Get your doubts resolved in live Q/A

Past Huddle Sprints

Problems solved during Huddle Sessions

How does it work?

Step 1

Join Think Tank membership

Step 2

Participate in the upcoming Huddle Sprint

Step 3

Submit the Huddle work for community review

Step 4

Attend the Sprint Retrospection

Step 5

Implement the feedbacks received

Step 6

Showcase it on your CV and share it with your friends

Step 7

Start again in the new Huddle Sprint

Few of the Hard skills you can practice in Huddles

PRD Development

Practice writing product requirement documents for a real world product feature

Product Design

Learn and practice designing products with good UX

User Personas

You will create user persona for the user of an actual product and business


Practice creating wireframes for web and mobile applications

Problem Solving

Solve product and business problems in a collaborative environment

Product Marketing

Build GTM plan and growth strategies for digital products

User Stories

Practice writing user stories for a real world product feature

No Code Dev

Learn to build different kind of apps using no code tools like Bubble, Webflow or Carrd

Few of the Soft skills you can nurture in Huddles​


Practice written and verbal communication

Problem Solving

Get habitual to solving problems fast


Grow network & form relations for life

Critical Thinking

Interpret and analyze facts and information faster.


Practice writing and editing good content

The platform is fantastic, allowing users to share their learnings, interact, and grow together in this tremendous learning experience. This approach, in my opinion, allows for greater engagement and collaboration while also being incredibly user-friendly. ProductHood has definitely figured out how to design and implement online learning in a way that allows other participants to get the most out of the program in terms of learning, networking, and opportunities.

Saksham Jain

NMIMS, Mumbai

What do you get?

motivation and support

You will get motivation and support from our team to master number of skills.

private community

Invite only access to private community with networking and growth opportunities.

Actionable insights

Forget theory. Apply what you learn. Create world class products.

Who can participate?


with 1-15+ years of experience in Technology, Sales, Marketing, Design, Finance, Operations or even HR domain.


with less than 1 year of experience or students in their final year of college will find this program useful.


with limited product and technology experience and need guidance on building technology products.

Benefits of Huddle Sprints

Hands on experience

Apply what you learn

Create portfolio

Showcase your work

Form Habit

of solving problems regularly

Attract opportunities

Crack interviews confidently

One membership, multiple options for your success

Interview Prep

Weekly mock sessions

Video Library

120+ hours of premium content

Live Classes

Weekly live classes


Practice micro skills


Meet industry folks

Build micro skills every week


Most frequent questions and answers

Huddle Sprint is weekly learning cycle to help you practice one specific skill in a community environment.

You will get a chance to pick micro skill like ‘PRD writing’, ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Storytelling’ during the Huddle Sprint.

As an individual, it is very difficult to learn due to various reasons like lack of time, motivation, mentoring.

We help you overcome this hurdles through a community first approach.

Work on the Huddle assignment, submit for the community feedback and showcase in our weekly live sessions.

No, Huddle Sprint is for individual participation every week.

It all depends on you, how deep you want to go. Choice is yours.

Our recommendation is to spend atleast 4-6 hours solving the Huddle problems. This includes reading from various resources.

No. But we would recommend you do it as part of your Think Tank Membership. More you participate, more will be your learning.

Ofcourse, that’s the idea. You will get community feedback and support of our as and when required.

However no 1:1 support will be available.

Yes why not. Ask your team to join our membership.

You are a product. Invest in yourself.

Learn multiple micro skills to succeed rapidly in your life and career

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