Practice makes you perfect

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Master micro skills with ProductHood Huddles

Building a product requires mastering large number of micro skills. You need practice, guidance and co-learners to master these micro skills. ProductHood Huddles are weekly practice sessions to help you become best at building products.

Learning Tracks

Huddles cover skills across the full product lifecycle from idea to revenue

Product Management

Learn to take an Idea from start to finish.

User Experience & Design

Build awesome products with great UI/UX

Growth Hacking

Acquire & retain users at scale

Product Marketing

Build strong brand & evangelize product

Product Sales

Create a strong product sales machinery and drive revenues

Business & Leadership

Lead, strategize, communicate & collaborate for success

Few of the skills you can practice in Huddles

PRD Development

Practice writing product requirement documents for a real world product feature

User Personas

You will create user persona for the user of an actual product and business


Practice creating wireframes for web and mobile applications

Problem Solving

Solve product and business problems in a collaborative environment

User Stories

Practice writing user stories for a real world product feature

No Code Dev

Learn to build different kind of apps using no code tools like Bubble, Webflow or Carrd

The platform is fantastic, allowing users to share their learnings, interact, and grow together in this tremendous learning experience. This approach, in my opinion, allows for greater engagement and collaboration while also being incredibly user-friendly. ProductHood has definitely figured out how to design and implement online learning in a way that allows other participants to get the most out of the program in terms of learning, networking, and opportunities.

Saksham Jain

NMIMS, Mumbai

What do you get?

motivation and support

You will get motivation and support from our team to master number of skills.

private community

Invite only access to private community with networking and growth opportunities.

Actionable insights

Forget theory. Apply what you learn. Create world class products.

One membership, multiple options for your success

Video Library

100+ hours of premium content

Live Classes

Weekly live classes


Practice micro skills


Meet industry folks

We Building Products

Share the passion of building and growing products with the community