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ProductHood Lab helps wantrapreneurs and aspiring product makers build and launch MVP’s fast.

Build > Launch > Repeat

About the Lab

ProductHood Lab is the place where our in house experts do experiments, fail, sometime succeed with the sole aim to make something and in the process learn.

We are hackers, marketers, product professionals, technology nerds who love building anything which can help our users and enable us to learn and grow.

Lab also helps our Product Management Bootcamp Students to launch their #MVP fast with all the support they need be it technical or motivational.

Lab has an extensive and growing network of experts who are passionate to help you launch your MVP in less time then it takes to finish a book.

Lab Founding Members

ProductHood Labs founding members are our experts who are passionate to help aspiring product makers learn the art of building products. They have an extensive experience across technology, product, marketing, design & entrepreneurship.

Lokesh Gupta

Founder @ ProductHood

Sahil Saini

Product Manager @ Freecharge

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