Live Trainings

Venture Capital Funding Strategy

Learn about how Venture Capitalists (VCs) think and operate

#Growth HackingWorkshop
Go To Market Strategy Workshop

Learn nuances of how to develop a rock-solid Go To Market strategy for your startup and products.

#Growth HackingWorkshop
How to Negotiate like a Pro

Learn to negotiate with stakeholders like a professional negotiator and succeed

#Product SalesWorkshop
Growing Email List for Your Product or Blog

Learn to grow your email list for your website organically in the shortest possible time.

#Product MarketingWorkshop
Google Analytics for Product Teams

Learn to use Google Analytics for your product growth, tracking metrics, identifying issues, and improving product experience.

#Product ManagementWorkshop
Product Wireframing using Balsamiq

Workshop to help you learn to use Balsamiq for product wireframe design

#Product ManagementWorkshop
Email Marketing Using MailChimp for Product Teams

Learn how to grow your product through email marketing using MailChimp

#Product MarketingWorkshop

Teach online or mentor students and professionals from around the world.