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Monetize your expertise.

Join the learning revolution and become a ProductHood Expert.

It’s a great way of generating additional income at a time and place that suits you.

Teach, Coach or Consult

As an expert, you can monetize your expertise through multiple channels of engagement like live training, 1-1 coaching or business consulting.

Define your own booking fee and design your own coaching or consulting programs.

Video chat with your clients

Video chat with your clients

Workshops, bootcamps or private coaching. We have you covered. Connect with your clients through group of individual video calls using mobile or desktop clients. 

You can record your videos and share it with your clients for more awesome learning experience.

Earn at a time that suits you

Weekend or Weekdays, book your clients as per your schedule. Create your training programs and plan your coaching sessions during your free time for some extra dollars for your next awesome trip. isn’t it sweet? We bet.

Let your clients pick a convenient time from your calendar and remove hassle of back and forth communication for finding the right time.

Find clients around the world

Find clients around the world

The ProductHood community is growing rapidly both in terms of size and location, so as a ProductHood Expert you will find new opportunities at a global level with a click of a button.

Professionals & Companies are looking for experts like you for guidance and growth.

Network while you build your brand

ProductHood platform provides you ample opportunities to share knowledge and network with other experts on the platform through Master classes, AMA’s, Private lectures, Video Interviews, Podcasts and Magazines. Check our experts on ProductHood Stories 

Meet experts from diverse fields every month in a group or private meetings for free.

Apply as Expert

We only accept application from professionals with minimum 5 years of experience. If you are an agency then please contact us here.

Pick one or more areas where you are an expert.
We select experts with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
Tell us about yourself in detail and the value you can add to the ProductHood Platform.


How can I become an expert on ProductHood?

Please fill the form with all the details. We will evaluate your application and share the next steps if it matches our requirement.

How do you select the experts?

We select only the best. Our experts have minimum 5 years of professional experience in one or more areas given in the form. 

What kind of skills should I have?

You should have worked in one or more of the following areas:

  • Product Management 
  • Product Design, UI/UX 
  • Product Analytics 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Agile Product Development 
  • Product Marketing 
  • Growth Hacking 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Customer Research 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • AI & Machine Learning 
  • Data Science
  • B2B SaaS Products

How does the expert payments work?

Our revenue sharing model varies with different product offering. We will share the details if your profile is selected by our team.

Do you have any more terms and conditions?

Our terms of use are very simple and expert friendly. At the time of creating your learning products, we will ask you to accept our terms of service like payments and breech of service.

Breech of service can happen if you try to connect with clients by circumventing the ProductHood platform.

Benefits of becoming an expert with ProductHood

Showcase your brand

Get your own landing page to showcase your profile, achievements and services offered.

Learning Opportunities

Attend master classes by other experts or learn from their story and get inspired.

Networking opportunities

Network with other experts to form profitable alliances or create new products together.

Monthly payouts

We pay all your earnings (net of commissions) on a monthly basis via Paypal.
Reserve your seat in the New Cohorts - No Code Fellowship and PM Fellowship.