Product Management Interview Case Study – Co-working Member Management App

Product Management Interview Case Study

Co-working Member Management App

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Co-working is a popular way for startups and businesses to operate in a cost effective manner. Many companies now opt for co-working spaces instead of managing their offices.

This helps them save cost and let them focus on their core business instead of aligning resources on basic things like security, internet, utilities etc.

Problem Statement:

Any co-working facility has multiple companies operating out of its premise. All of these companies and there employees work in a shared environment. Working in a shared environment means you have more opportunities to meet different people outside your team and company. This means you have more chances to find interesting people and opportunities.

That’s the core essence of working in groups and communities. As a product manager for a co-working company, you are tasked with a goal to build an app to facilitate this community feeling between members, encourage interactions and help members work cohesively, easily and without any hassle.

How would you go about doing this? 

You need to identify the pain points and opportunities to create a community app for any co-working company like WeWork. Your deliverables include 

  • Detailed Problem Statement
  • Competition Analysis
  • Overall Product Roadmap with Feature sets
  • Wireframes/Prototype
  • PRD – Product Requirement Document
  • Product Metrics
  • Minimum Viable Product feature Plan (assume that you have to release this in a month time)
  • Goto market plan
  • Any specific assumptions with justifications

You can use various tools like TrelloBalsamiqMoqups etc. for solving product management cases.

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