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On average, our clients double their email sign-ups after they start using our pop-up lightboxes and on-site widgets. We give you the option to customize when forms are shown, who sees them, and what content is displayed. No two visitors are the same, so why show the same form to everyone? Our forms can be personalized based on: Traffic source Page content Specific product pages visited Shopping cart totals UTM parameters Geographic location New or existing customer Exit intent Device Advanced targeting rules Design customizations are easy with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor and template library. We even offer custom design support to all our clients. A/B testing and analytics are built-in, so that you can easily optimize for the highest conversions. Concerned about linking Digioh to your e-mail marketing software or CRM system? We offer built-in integrations to hundreds of software platforms. And if your provider isn’t already on our list of current integrations, we’ll set up a custom integration for you (included in any of our plans).

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