Case Study: B2B Product Management for Auto Startup

Case Study: B2B Product Management for Auto Startup

How ProductHood helped a well funded startup in the auto domain built WhatsApp and LiveChat automation tool from scratch for its B2B and B2C customers.


Our client which is a well funded startup in the auto domain with presence in multiple countries serving millions of B2C users and a large corporate clientele across diverse industries wanted a solution to connect with customers and users over WhatsApp and Web LiveChat in a scalable and automated fashion with minimal human chat operator support.

In addition to the above goal, they wanted to make this solution available to their clients in a B2B SaaS flavor and build a new line of revenue channel for the company.

We achieved this goal through a mix of B2B SaaS Product Management, Project Management and by working with their internal teams as well as managing their vendors for specific software development requirements. We also helped them with documentation, training, and enabling Sales teams to sell the solution to various clients and generating revenues in a short period of time.


Our client started with the problem of serving their B2C users over Whatsapp as the majority of the people are on Whatsapp in India (200 Million+) and the client has the mobile number of all the users they serve.

Their current call center support team was unable to handle the inbound calls volume and also struggle with the outreach campaigns. They wanted to reduce the inbound call volumes and help with user queries over Whatsapp in an automated fashion.

Marketing teams wanted to reach potential customers through personalized content over Whatsapp and improve their qualified leads score. This was required in an automated fashion serving millions of users across multiple locations (local and international).

Gradually the problem statement scope was expanded to serve customers over the web using Livechat and packaging the entire solution in a B2B SaaS offering for other clients.


We started from scratch by understanding their business model, user personas, problem statement at hand and by evaluating their technology stack by meeting multiple stakeholders.

We spent a lot of time refining the problem statement by looking at a bigger picture from the company perspective and how they can get benefited in the short time and long term by serving their users (and customers) and also creating new revenue streams.

We also evaluated the solutions available in the market and discussed with the top management if they had budgets for the off the shelf solutions. During the course of discussions, we found that the founders were keen to have an in house solution and retain the IP built during this project.

Finally we decided to work internally with the existing technology team and also bring an AI vendor for automating some part of the customer communication process.

We utilized the best practices of Lean Methodology and Agile Product Development along with the B2B SaaS Product Management frameworks to create a robust solution which could scale to millions of customers over Whatsapp and Website Livechat with future integrations possible for Facebook Messenger, Twitter and other social handles for customer satisfaction and reach.

We worked like an extended B2B product management team of the company and owning the project delivery end to end while also managing vendors and chalking out the long term product roadmap for the higher management.

The entire project took 8 months to complete and was deployed first within the company verticals (5+) and gradually the company started onboarding their clients on a monthly recurring fee basis thus adding to the top line of the company.

Some of the tools that we use for product and project management were Trello, JIRA and Confluence, Google Suite, Google Hangout for conference calls with teams spread over 2 countries and 4 cities.


The mammoth project was deployed in a record time considering the multiple touch points like Whatsapp integration, AI automation, Livechat integration and packaging the entire project into a SaaS application.

Company was able to reduce the operational cost by a factor of 3 and improved customer satisfaction by a factor of 5.

In addition to this the project opened new business opportunities for the company by on boarding new clients and upselling to existing clients while driving the company valuation up due to new IP created in house.

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