Case Study: Product Management for Early Stage Startup

Case Study: Product Management for Early Stage Startup

How we helped a non technical founding team at an early stage startup select the right LMS.


An education startup with non-technical founders wanted us to help them with LMS product strategy and get it executed in a span of 2 months. We worked with them like an extended technology cum product team and helped them select the right LMS which was budget friendly, customizable and which catered well to their customers.

How we helped

Our client had non-technical founders with decades of experience in education. They wanted us to help them with the Learning Management System product strategy. Their content team had developed the content and now they wanted to sell content online using a budget friendly LMS system.

We started by understanding their use cases, customers and how they intend to grow business. Their technology stack was open source so we evaluated the existing LMS system in the market which suits their requirements.

We also invited quotations from LMS vendors and evaluated them along with open source solutions. Since the client had a limited budget so LMS solutions provided by vendors were quickly ruled out.

We eventually selected an open source LMS which matched our client’s requirements and budget and finally worked with the technology team for customization and production roll outs.

Throughout the engagement we worked closely with the founders as their product team.

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