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Have you ever wondered while watching a movie (or a serial) that

1. Where was this scene shot?

2. Which brand of watch did the hero wear?

3. What is the make/model of this car?

There can be hundered’s of related questions while watching the screen. Sometime you might get a answer directly from the internet or from your friend.

Sometime you might have to do a research before you find your answer.

Sometime you don’t get a answer.

How would you build a product around this pain point?

What would be the monetization strategy and feature in this product?

How would you launch it?

As a product manager, founder of this product, you are required to create a MVP plan with a go to market strategy.

Your plan should be complete so that engineering and marketing team should be able to build and market it.

Best solution will get INR 1100 cash and 30 min consultation with ProductHood team.

You can take any assumptions but with valid reasoning.

Top 3 solutions will be showcased on ProductHood.

The winner will get INR 1100 cash and a 30 min career mentorship with the ProductHood team.

Last date to submit the solution in the form of Google Docs PPT is 21st Nov, 2019 6 PM IST.


Most frequent questions and answers

Any body who is a product maker, manager, marketer, founder, entrepreneur or wants to get into one of these domain can participate in the contest.

You are required to submit the assignment as a Google Docs PowerPoint file link with due permissions to view the solution.

Assignments are graded on various criteria like how creative, innovative and thoughtful solution is along with reasonable assumptions and data points. 

Apart from this the depth of the solution will also be taken into account while evaluating solution.

Top 3 submissions will present solution in a special webinar conducted for participants.

Yes absolutely. Companies ask similar problems while evaluating for PM roles. You will get a chance to get reviewed by various companies in our network.

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