Email Marketing Bootcamp

Email Marketing Industry will be $22B by 2024. Can you afford to miss it?

59% of marketers see the most ROI from email.

Become an email marketing expert in 6 weeks.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

David Newman

What is a email marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote businesses, products or services through email. 

It is a growing industry which is poised to reach $22B bu 2024. As per various reports, 59% of marketers depends on email marketing in some form.

For every dollar invested in email marketing, a business can get up to $44 in returns.

As a result there is a huge demand for email marketing tools, services and professionals.

In this Bootcamp, learn the fundamentals of email marketing and fast track your career.

Email Marketing is a rewarding career

Every dollar spent on email marketing brings up to $44 in return only if you master the art of email marketing.

#LEARNEmailMarketing with us

Join our 6 week immersive online Bootcamp program to learn the fundamentals of email marketing.

Program is for Founders Entrepreneurs Product Managers Marketing Professionals MBA students Graduates

What we offer?

Personal Touch

Bootcamp is capped at max 20 participants

Action Oriented

Lots of assignments and projects to keep you on your toes


You will get tools, templates and learning material

Real world project

Work on a real world project in a group of 2-4 participants


Lifelong guidance on your personal and professional development


Network with fellow participants and guest s from the industry

Your positive action
combined with positive thinking
results in success

Bootcamp Course Outline

  • Bootcamp schedule details
  • Introductions
  • What is email marketing?
  • Email marketing industry
  • Role of email marketer
  • Top email marketing tools
  • Project discussion/assignment
  • What is email list?
  • How to grow an email list?
  • Email list segmentation
  • Email list maintenance
  • Advantage of email lists
  • Assignment
  • Email Deliverability
  • SPAM Laws
  • Assignment
  • Creating email campaigns
  • How to write good emails?
  • Design compelling emails
  • Transactional vs Bulk emails
  • A/B testing
  • Email metrics
  • Assignment
  • What is marketing automation?
  • How to setup drip campaigns?
  • Marketing automation tools
  • How to grow business using automation?
  • Assignment
  • Recap
  • Project Demos 

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about author

Lokesh Gupta

Lokesh Gupta is an internet industry veteran with more than 13 years of experience as a technology and product leader.

He has worked for India’s top internet companies like iXiGO, 99acres,, Sendinblue, Awfis and is currently working as Director of Products at

He is an author of two books on email marketing and product management.

He has a double degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

“I will help you become  a top email marketer.”


Most frequent questions and answers

Bootcamp is delivered online using Zoom over the course of 6 weeks.

There will be 6 sessions in total and each session is of 2-3 hours duration. 

During each session, presenter will be teaching by sharing his/her screen. You can ask doubts, connect with fellow batch mates and complete assignments in a collaborative environment. 

You will be required to complete a project which will be done in groups of 2-4 participants.

A group is required to keep every one accountable and share the work load. At the same time it helps create a sense of team spirit.

At the end of bootcamp, you will be asked to showcase your project to all the participants.

Your instructor will provide you all the course material and relevant resources during the entire bootcamp sessions. 

We all have work to do. Be it college work or office deliverables. We understand this and hence designed the course so that you can be good if you can spend 6-8 hours every week on the reading, assignment and discussions.

Each bootcamp is available for $199 which includes course content, recorded session video’s and relevant resources. 

If you are a student then you will be eligible for a 40% discount.

Please contact us to discuss group rates.

You will get access to course content, recorded video’s of sessions, relevant resources.

You can also contact course instructor during the bootcamp via emails.

You will be required to work on a project which you can showcase in your CV.

Each session is recorded and will be available for review later.

We have put in lot of efforts in creating the content and consultant with experts in order to make this bootcamp comprehensive and relevant for current market requirements.

READY to make BIG

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