How to build AI Products – Workshop

How to build AI Products?

Workshop for founders, entrepreneurs, business heads, product managers and technical managers

Workshop to learn the fundamentals of building AI Products.

AI is the new future. Every business wants to adopt it for improving customer service, reducing costs and having a competitive advantage over its competition.

But what is AI and how to use it to build AI products?

This is a major question amongst CXO’s and business heads across different domains and industries.

In this workshop you will get a chance to understand artificial intelligence in depth and understand its power to solve customer problems by adopting right tools, techniques and practices.

This workshop is for founders, entrepreneurs, business heads, product managers and technical managers who want to add value to their products, businesses and above all into themselves to get prepared for the future.

Meet our Trainers

Lokesh Gupta

Lokesh is a product and technology expert with 14+ years of experience. He has worked with top startups and is a 2X author and entrepreneur. He graduated with dual degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Ankit Rawat

Tech Entrepreneur. Experience of leading AI projects for organizations at various scales. Computer Science graduate from IIT Delhi.

Learning Outcomes

Understand Artificial Intelligence

Workshop will help you understand the nuances of artificial intelligence and its building blocks.

How AI can solve my business problem?

A key take away from the workshop would be to understand the value and impact of AI on your business.

How to build AI products?

Learn to formulate an AI product management practice and build products that bring positive ROI.

Topics Covered

We will understand artificial intelligence and various building blocks like machine learning, data science and big data.

As internet changed the way we do business, AI will again transform our businesses. Learn to know the value and impact of AI in business.

AI field is quite vast. However there are few fundamental things that we need to understand to make use of it. We will review various tools and technologies available.

AI products are different from web and mobile products. They need a different approach and product management practice.

As with web and mobile products, AI products need investments for which some budgeting must be done by businesses.

AI products requires expertise which is difficult to find and retain. Should we build or buy is the question we will discuss here.

Pre and post development of AI products require experts whether in house or outsourced. Learn to manage them well.

Any business will see a positive ROI only when the success metrics are formed and tracked closely. We will learn to formulate metrics for your business.

If you have taken a buy decision then you need to work with vendor(s). We will help you understand the best practices to manage vendors.

Any AI change will have an impact on your existing workforce. Understand the challenges and make them work for you

How AI will look in the future and how it will have an impact on your business. We will conclude the workshop by discussing the AI future.

#TRANSFORM Your Business with AI

Workshop is for Entrepreneurs Product Managers Business Heads Founders Managers

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Frequently Asked Question

From entrepreneurs to product managers, technical managers, CEOs and business heads– all of our attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends

Workshop is for product makers, founders, entrepreneurs, product managers, technical managers and business heads who are exploring AI for their businesses and teams.

Workshop is open for anybody who is looking to explore AI and want to build AI based products for their businesses.

It will be a mix of both theory and practical work. You will be required to work in groups on the various cases and problems.

You will get venue details 1 week in advance. 

You will get access to the workshop along with complementary Tea/Coffee and Breakfast.

You can book the ticket from the link given above. 

Sure, just let us know in advance through our contact page.

You can cancel up to 48 hours before the workshop day. If you cancel the ticket, we will refund the money after deducting payment transaction fee.

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