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What do product companies like Facebook or Flipkart look for while hiring?

Hard Skills

Whether you are in Technology or Sales, you need to be comfortable with tools and techniques required to do your job exceptionally well.

Soft Skills

You need to be good with people and have the right attitude to support product development process and delight customers.

The skills that you need to start a career at any product company are unfortunately not taught at most of the MBA and Engineering schools.

Major Career options at a Product Company

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#JoinaProductCompany Program

ProductHood #JoinaProductCompany is our initiative to help students of various universities and colleges around the world pick skills required to make a career in product companies.

There is a wide skill gap between what is taught in colleges and what is required to work in software product companies.

Our team of experts have spent decades working in the industry and understand the challenges faced by students and professionals while building consumer and enterprise products.

Through #JoinaProductCompany Program, we will share knowledge for free so that students can learn and prepare themselves for their future confidently.

We are looking to partner with colleges, universities and training providers. Get in touch with us.

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Program Curriculum

Hard Skills

  • Agile Methodology
  • Lean Methodology
  • Product Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management
  • Agile Product Development
  • MVP
  • Product Analytics
  • Software Tools
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Sales

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving 
  • Story Telling

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Upcoming Classes

Skills required to work and grow in a product company

2 PM IST, 15th August, Sat

Stakeholders you deal with in a product company

2:35 PM IST, 15th August, Sat

Popular Tools you should learn for a career with product company

3:10 PM IST, 15th August, Sat

Workshop on a Real World Problem Solving Case for Interviews

3:45 PM IST, 15th August, Sat

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Most frequent questions and answers

This is a free program for college students and working professionals who want to be a part of product ecosystem and work for a product company.

Program offers free course lectures on wide variety of topics which you should know as a professional working in a product company.

Anybody who is a college student or working professional. You can be from an Engineering, MBA or any other stream.

Each class would be 30 mins long with 20 mins lecture and 10 mins of Q/A.

The classes are conducted over Zoom or live streamed via YouTube or Facebook Live.

Each class will cover one specific topic which you should know as a product professional. We will discuss examples, case studies and answer queries from the participants.

We will also give home work assignments for your own practice.

Majority of these classes are conducted over weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

Some special classes are conducted during weekdays .

We try to keep the class timing flexible in order to provide maximum benefits to the participants.

There is no limit on the class size. For larger class size, we would be using YouTube or Facebook live to accommodate everyone.

Majority of the classes would be conducted live and no recording shall be available.

However we will repeat the class depending upon the demand.

Due to the nature of the topics and size of participants, it is not possible for us to provide solution to all the assignments.

However you can discuss the assignments among your friends and colleagues in our community.

Sure why not. Please send us a mail to

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