How to become a product manager – Advise from 9 product professionals

How to become a product manager?

Product Management is one of the hottest jobs in technology world today. 

More and more startups and corporates are finding product manager’s relevant and indispensable for the growth of their business.

However while the demand is high and more and more professionals want to get into this domain, there is wide spread gap between the expectation versus reality.

Today’s professionals are not at all ready for the demands of product management role.

We spoke to 9 product management professionals from various companies and startups across wide domain and industries.

All these professionals shared their advice to future product management aspirants.

Nirav Gokulgandhi

Product Manager, NetCore Solutions

Learn to say No

It takes lot of guts to say no. You should be in a position to say no if something is not right or possible and back it with data

Priyansh Maru

Technical Product Manager, Amazon

Read, read and read

Read about product management and understand what a PM does? In our daily life we use lot of products and identify what all problems this product is solving and see what is good and bad about the product. This would help build a pm mindset.

Mittul Desai

Head of Product, Leena.AI

Be curious in life

Best product managers are curious and read as much as possible across diverse fields.

Nitish Garg

Product Manager, MoneyTap

Simplicity is the key

Simplify everything. Anybody can complicate things but your job is to make things simple. Make any feature brain dead simple for your customers.

Jhashank Gupta

Mobile Product Manager, Zomato

Love your customers

Listen to the customer! There is absolutely no other way. Take support calls/chats, meet the top 10-20-30 users, talk to users who have raised a lot of complaints but still come back to your product.

Siddhartha Srivastava

Head of Product, Digital Transformation HDFC Life

Go deeper into the problems

Learn to deep dive into everything and understand the minute details of each and every part of the problem.

Preetam Nath

Founder, 50K.Tech

Product Managers are executioners

Try to put yourself in the path of execution. Execute till the product work becomes a muscle memory. You dont have to think about what you need to do next. Optimize for learning by finding great peers with whom you would love to work and would learn something new everyday.

Andy McFarlane

PM, Jobstreet Malasia

Focus on the end result

Focus on the end result that you are hoping to see. Don’t get distracted away from the your goal. Don’t underestimate the areas which can make you successful like stakeholder management, make time for coffee with as many people as possible, get connected over goals, challenges and opportunities.

Pankaj Pilaniwala

Senior Product Manager, Octopi Commerce

Hustle and win

Keep hustling and keep building good products. Leverage data to build products. Don’t get into this field for wrong reason and not because of title. Get into only if you want to build good products.

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