Product Management Interview Case Study – Flock Guest Collaboration

Product Management Interview Case Study

Flock Guest Management Addon

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Flock is a workplace collaboration and communication platform similar to Slack with built in team messaging, project management and other great features that improve productivity and boost speed of execution.

Problem Statement:

Every time someone visits any office (big or small) to meet someone, both host and guest struggle to have a pleasant experience for multiple reasons.

You are required to build a new collaboration feature which can enable Guests/Visitors to visit any office and meet with the host without any hassle.

You need to identify the pain points which hosts/guests face and propose a solution for the same through Flock Guest Account Feature which was released some time back. You can read about it here 

As the new PM in the Flock Guest Management team, you will enhance this feature and create the following deliverable.

  • Detailed Problem Statement
  • Competition Analysis
  • Overall Product Roadmap with Feature sets
  • Wireframes/Prototype
  • PRD – Product Requirement Document
  • Product Metrics
  • Pricing Plan (Assume this feature will be an addon on top of the existing free feature)
  • Minimum Viable Product feature Plan (assume that you have to release this in a month time)
  • Goto market plan
  • Any specific assumptions with justifications

You must study the Flock product to understand how it works so that your solution works seamlessly within Flock’s current architecture and workflows.

You can use various tools like TrelloBalsamiqMoqups etc. for solving product management cases.

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