Problem Solving and Decision Making

Mastering Problem Solving & Decision Making

Unlock your potential for success and achieving your goals.

6 weeks course to make you a better problem solver, critical thinker and decision maker

Program contains everything you need to know to solve problems in an efficient and innovative way.

Strong problem-solving skills are highly valued in many industries and can lead to career advancement opportunities and higher salaries.

What you will gain in 6 weeks?

Productivity and Efficiency

Identify and solve problems quickly and effectively, which can save time and resources and increase productivity.

Improved decision-making

Make informed and effective decisions by analyzing the situation, identifying potential solutions, and selecting the best option.

Holistic Growth

Develop resilience, adaptability which are valuable skills that can be applied to many areas of life, leading to holistic growth

ProductHood helped me in building capabilities and upskilling myself. The program offered by them is very structured and grills you in bringing the structural change in mindset.

Dikshant Chawla

McKinsey & Company

Who is this course for

Anyone who wants to solve problems faster and more efficiently.

You can be a manager, employee or entrepreneur aspiring to grow fast.

Students aiming to ace the job interviews or get better grades.

Course Syllabus

1: Introduction to Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Critical Thinking

  • What is problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking?
  • The importance of problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking in personal and professional contexts
  • Building a framework for effective problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking

2: Identifying and Defining Problems

  • Understanding the different types of problems
  • Techniques for identifying and defining problems
  • Prioritizing problems and setting goals

3: Analyzing and Evaluating Information

  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Evaluating the quality and relevance of information
  • Developing hypotheses and testing assumptions

4: Generating and Evaluating Solutions

  • Brainstorming techniques and ideation
  • Evaluating potential solutions
  • Selecting the best solution and creating an action plan

5: Making Decisions

  • Understanding decision-making models and frameworks
  • Analyzing the impact and consequences of decisions
  • Making ethical and effective decisions

6: Applying Critical Thinking

  • Understanding the different types of critical thinking
  • Developing and applying critical thinking skills in personal and professional contexts
  • Dealing with biases and assumptions

Team Project

Solve real world problems in a team

Individual Project

Practice problems regularly on your own

Class Activities

Participate and solve problems live

Learning Material

Read additional learning resources

Good problem-solving skills help individuals make informed and effective decisions by analyzing the situation, identifying potential solutions, and selecting the best option.

What you will learn in the course?

Key Take Away:

  • Learn to Identify and formulate a problem
  • Discover methods to find innovative solutions
  • Evaluate and select the best solutions
  • Successfully implement the chosen solutions
  • Learn how to develop Creative Thinking
  • Enhance your abilities to minimize uncertainty and risk.
  • Improve the Quality of all your big decisions, thereby improving their ROI (Return on Investment) significantly !
  • Learn to resolve conflicts and deliver great feedback
The platform is fantastic, allowing users to share their learnings, interact, and grow together in this tremendous learning experience. This approach, in my opinion, allows for greater engagement and collaboration while also being incredibly user-friendly. ProductHood has definitely figured out how to design and implement online learning in a way that allows other participants to get the most out of the program in terms of learning, networking, and opportunities.

Saksham Jain

NMIMS, Mumbai

Upcoming Batches

6 week weekend batch starting 10th June 2023 from 12-2 PM IST.

Session 1 – 10th June 12-2 PM IST

Session 2 – 17th June 12-2 PM IST

Session 3 – 24th June 12-2 PM IST

Session 4 – 1st July 12-2 PM IST

Session 5 – 8th July 12-2 PM IST

Session 6 – 15th July 12-2 PM IST

Rs. 6000 ($75)

Get 1 year access to Think Tank Membership free (worth Rs. 6000).

Access 120+ hours of premium content + weekly live classes + Huddles + Capstone Project

Majority of our members covered the cost of course via their learning & development/training budgets. If you’d like to expense our program, we would be happy to share the invoice for reimbursement. We’ve also designed this template to help you communicate the key outcomes of our membership with your manager.

What more do you get?

Think Tank Membership

Get 1 year access to Think Tank Membership free.


Workbook template to solve any kind of problem

Cohort Community

Access to your peers via private community for networking

Learning is better with cohorts

Learn with like minded peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Project based learning

Work in teams and solve real world problems to make you unstoppable.

Actionable insights

Forget theory. Apply what you learn to solve your most pressing problems.


Most frequent questions and answers

Class recordings are available within 24 hours.

Apart from weekly 2 hours, you would need to spend 3-4 hours per week for assignments and reading material.

Most companies appreciate it if employees want to improve their skills and are happy to provide support for courses that are in line with this goal. To help you with requesting reimbursement, we drafted an email request that you can send to your manager. Click here to download the template.

Yes, you will receive a completion certificate from ProductHood after the course is over.

If you are unable to attend once you’ve paid, you can apply to attend a future cohort.

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