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Hunter Walk – Ex PM at YouTube, Partner at homebrew – @hunterwalk

Chrix Dixon – General partner at a16z – @cdixon

Janna Bastow – CEO of ProdPad – @simplybastow

Des Traynor – Co-founder of intercom – @destraynor

Julie Zhuo – Product design VP at Facebook – @joulee

Ryan Hoover – Founder, ProductHunt – @rrhoover

Ken Norton – Partner, Google Ventures – @kennethn

Dan Olsen – Author of Lean Product Playbook – @danolsen

Paul Jackson – Publisher of Pivot Product Hits – @pivotservices

Diana Kimball – Product at Quip – @dianakimball

Ellen Chisa@ellenchisa

Eric Ries – Blogs at “Startup lessons learned” – @ericries

Ben Horowitz – Author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things – @bhorowitz

Lulu Cheng – Product at Pinterest – @lulu_cheng

Nir Eyal – Author of Hooked: How to build habit forming products – @nireyal

Ian McAllister – Director, Alexa International at Amazon – @ianmcall

Josh Elman – Partner at Greylock Ventures – @joshelman

Kenneth Berger – 1st PM at Slack – @kberger

Jason Shen – Founder Ridejoy – @JasonShen

Joe Cotellese – Founder of Sharey – @JoeCotellese

Sean Rose – Product at Slack – @seanrose

Brandon Chu – GM, Platform at Shopify – @brandonmchu

Ash Maurya – Author of Running Lean – @ashmaurya

Gopal Shenoy – VP Product at Alignable Inc. – @gopalshenoy

Jackie Bavaro – Head of PM at Asana – @jackiebo

Marty Cagan – Partner at SVPG – @cagan

Steve Blank – Author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany – @sgblank

Ben Chestnut – CEO of Mailchimp – @benchestnut

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