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Project Pad allows companies to install transparent and collaborative planning processes based on skills. We identify matching project roles and employees (or freelancers) based on skill requirements and individual competencies. Thus, employees can apply to upcoming project roles and influence their development within the company. Project Pad helps to create better teams, increases utilization and detects training or recruiting needs. We’ve come up with the idea to develop a collaborative approach to project planning after interviewing more than 100 companies about their current processes. All of them face the same challenge: when projects are initiated, you want to find the best available talent within your organization for each project role. Unfortunately, existing CV databases, ERP systems or schedulers do not provide you with a transparent overview about all the different skill sets and experiences that are owned by your employees. Furthermore, project staffing often is a stiff top-down process that does not consider employees’ interests or potentials. Very often, project managers revealed to us that choosing team members is biased because they simply do not know who would be the best fit for the roles to be staffed. The outcome are baldy chosen teams, employees that feel misplaced/demotivated and unsatisfactory project results. We’ve decided to change that! With the help of Project Pad, all competencies within a company are structured and always up-to-date. Within a couple of minutes, employees can create their skill profile and update it any time. The creation of new projects and roles also only takes a few clicks within a dynamic questionnaire that allows to set requirements. Subsequently, project managers will identify employees (or independent contractors from their own freelance pool) with the best fit. Just the same, employees will always see which projects are initiated and how well upcoming project roles fit to their own skill profile. By actively applying to projects, they can influence their own future within the company. By analyzing gaps, we help to initiate training and recruitment initiatives.

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