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Marketing and Advertising Chicago, IL

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About Jell Creative

Jell Creative is a comprehensive branding and marketing firm, now in its 25th year of business. We seek only clients committed to being the best in their fields. If you choose Jell as your brand manager, expect a very active partner. We’ll work with you to identify your brand’s market potential and push relentlessly to help you meet or exceed it.  THIS IS A BIG PROMISE. WE DON’T OFFER IT TO EVERYONE. We have to know you’re as serious about your brand as we are.
We have to believe in you and your ethics. And you have to explicitly sign on to the relationship. It’s not for everybody. But if you’re in, we’re in.  HOW CAN JELL HELP MANAGE YOUR BRAND? Nearly all of our engagements begin with in-depth research. We need to thoroughly understand your offerings, your competitive landscape, and how your brand is perceived both internally and externally. Once we clearly identify the issues and opportunities, we work with you and your team to design meaningful changes in key areas — branding, marketing, or messaging — to help your organization improve measurably in a marketplace with ever changing demands and shifting technologies.  WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM JELL? First, you need to know we’re very nice people. We truly care about the sensitivities of our clients and hope the favor is returned. Mutual respect is key. But we’re also tenacious and intellectually rigorous. What does that mean for you? If you choose Jell, you’ll be engaging a very active, outspoken partner. We won’t disappear. We won’t waffle. When you ask tough questions, we won’t make up answers to get by. If there’s a debate, we won’t just roll over to keep everyone happy. We’ll be forthright and honest. We will keep popping back into your life with ideas, advice, and constructive criticism. We want our clients to be the best at what they do. That’s a very high bar. Does that sound like your ambition?  CHOOSE JELL.

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