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Cut Your Ecom Store's Adspend with Email Marketing

Category: Marketing

City: London

Country: United Kingdom



😣 Struggling to transform visitors or one-time buyers into long term customers for your e-commerce store?

Are you barely breaking even and spending absurd amounts on paid ads?

💰 Or are your emails just not generating you the sales you NEED to grow?

What if I could tell you I could solve all these problems and more…

But how? We delighted you asked.

Before we worked with many of my clients, in order for them to increase their revenue they had to put in a HUGE grind and throw more money into paid advertising to cold traffic.

They found this to be a huge limiting factor for the growth of their company…

Until I guided them on a path that on average DOUBLED their monthly revenue.

Instead of trying to win over lots of cold traffic with fancy ads, we created a series of email automations that not only SKYROCKETED sales BUT provided valuable content to their ideal customers.

Therefore, they were not only seen as the provider of amazing products, but they were able to cement themselves as the expert of the field.

By cementing themselves as an authority and building a true connection with their email list, customers would listen and always keep coming back for more…

So if you want to stop wasting money on paid ads and reclaim the money you’re leaving on the table, book a call with us today:

Product Gigs

End to end product management from idea to MVP
Make your software team product savvy
Learn to Build a Product Story & Loyal Customers for B2B Products

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